Jim Gaffigan Stuns Golden Globes Audience Into Awkward Silence with Pedoph*le Joke


Jim Gaffigan, a stand-up comedian typically known for making harmless fun about everyman topics like bad food choices and habitual laziness, stunned the Golden Globes audience on Sunday with a joke about pedoph*lia that made the entire room uncomfortable.

““I can’t even believe I’m in the entertainment industry. It’s so unlikely. I’m from a small town in Indiana,” he said, adding, “I’m not a pedoph*le.”

The uncomfortable quip, made in the wake of revealing court depositions related to the convicted pedoph*le Jeffrey Epstein being released last week, was captured at TMZ:

Jim Gaffigan took the oxygen out of the room during while presenting an award at the Golden Globes — and it’s because he somewhat referenced Jeffrey Epstein-esque material.

The longtime standup was on hand Sunday to hand out the award for Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy on Television — a whole new category that the GG are starting to include … and while acknowledging how wild that development was, JG made a jaw-dropping joke.

He was talking about how crazy it is he’s even in showbiz, saying … “I’m from a small town in Indiana, I’m not a pedophile.” A handful of people laughed, but it was mostly dead silent.

Jim went on to rhetorically ask if “pedophile” was a new category there, but noted he was happy to be presenting an award for comics with big specials … arguing it was overdue.

Gaffigan’s jab at debased Hollywood culture is a faint echo of Ricky Gervais’ savage monologue roasting elites in 2020. (Editor’s Note: It was actually at the Golden Globes, correcting a viral tweet that I had dispatched last week.)

Gervais openly mocked the Hollywood A-list with its infamous coziness to the deceased Epstein.

No one cares about movies anymore. No one goes to cinema, no one really watches network TV. Everyone is watching Netflix. This show should just be me coming out, going, “Well done Netflix. You win everything. Good night.” But no, we got to drag it out for three hours. You could binge-watch the entire first season of Afterlife instead of watching this show. That’s a show about a man who wants to kill himself ’cause his wife dies of cancer and it’s still more fun than this. Spoiler alert, season two is on the way so in the end he obviously didn’t kill himself. Just like Jeffrey Epstein. Shut up. I know he’s your friend but I don’t care.

Truly epic. The Golden Globes might be able to return to relevance if their hosts continue to expose Hollywood’s debauchery like Gervais and Gaffigan. More of this!


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