JBS Shutters All US Meat Plants As Cyber Attack Jeopardizes Food Supply – JP


Update (2002 ET): The USDA has released an important update about the Biden administration’s steps to mitigate potential supply constraints and price surges following JBS’ ransomware attack.

As noted earlier today by the White House, USDA is aware of the ransomware attack against JBS, which is affecting the company’s operations, including its facilities in the United States. USDA continues to work closely with the White House, Department of Homeland Security, JBS USA and others to monitor this situation closely and offer help and assistance to mitigate any potential supply or price issues. As part of that effort, USDA has reached out to several major meat processors in the United States to ensure they are aware of the situation, encouraging them to accommodate additional capacity where possible, and to stress the importance of keeping supply moving.

USDA has also been in contact with several food, agriculture and retail organizations to underscore the importance of maintaining close communication and working together to ensure a stable, plentiful food supply. USDA will continue to encourage food and agriculture companies with operations in the United States to take necessary steps to protect their IT and supply chain infrastructure so that it is more durable, distributed and better able to withstand modern challenges, including cybersecurity threats and disruptions.

Update (1916 ET): JP reports an official at the United Food & Commercial Workers has indicated all JBS’ US meat plants have been shuttered due to a ransomware attack over the weekend.

According to CBS News, JBS has halted operations at 13 of its processing facilities. A complete list of the plant closings is shown below.

The JBS ransomware attack is a threat to the US food supply as the world’s largest beef company controls about a quarter of the US beef market. If JBS cannot slaughter cattle or hogs over a sustained period, or perhaps in a matter of days, shortages could develop, and prices may spike.

Take note of what happened three weeks ago during the Colonial Pipeline Co.’s ransomware attack resulted in shortages, soaring gas prices, and panic hoarding.

As millions of Americans sit down for dinner this evening, the news will fill them in on the JBS ransomware attack. Already, search trends for “meat shortage” are skyrocketing. – READ MORE

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