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Jay Leno has had a rough few months. In November 2022, his face was severely burned when fuel from one of his old cars leaked and caught fire. Now, we’re hearing about another accident, this time on a motorcycle, resulting in several broken bones.

The crash occurred last week, but Leno said he waited to make an announcement due to the crazy attention he received from the previous accident. He was testing a 1940 Indian motorcycle build when he noticed the smell of gas and cut into a parking lot. An unmarked wire strung across the lot clotheslined the comedian and tossed him off the bike, which he said kept going without him.

Jay’s crash left him with two broken ribs, two cracked kneecaps, and a broken collarbone. Though he acknowledged his string of bad luck, he reassured everyone. “I’m OK, I’m working. I’m working this weekend,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in an interview.

Recovery from broken bones seems kinder to the 72-year-old comedian than healing from his burn wounds. It took him a few weeks to return to standup gigs after that accident, while he’s preparing to hit the stage as soon as early February this time around. Standup was his first love before he took over the “Tonight Show” from Johnny Carson in 1992.

Offstage, Leno is well-known in the automotive world, both for his insane and eclectic car collection and his TV and YouTube show, “Jay Leno’s Garage.” However, the program could be coming to an end, at least on TV. The Hollywood Reporter reported that CNBC is canceling his show and others to make way for reality show reruns and other documentary shows. There’s no indication that Jay plans to stop producing content for YouTube, though his freshly broken bones might signal that it’s time to slow down.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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