Israel’s Getting Intelligence on Hamas From a Very Unlikely, Yet Knowledgeable, Source


As the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) efforts to eliminate Hamas in the Gaza Strip continue, IDF is receiving help from an unexpected source: Gazans. Now that the terrorist government of Gaza (Hamas) has lost control of the northern region, it appears some of the people who lived under its rule have started turning on them.

Israel War Room wrote a post on X, formerly Twitter, explaining the situation on the ground.

Sources in the Arab media report the cooperation of thousands of Gazans with the IDF in handing over locations of Hamas forces, locations of tunnels and IDF warehouses and launch sites.

The cooperation began after the IDF distributed leaflets calling for the provision of information about the location of the Israeli abductees while promising financial compensation and safety for informants.

The sources report that, most of the information transmitters do not demand money but safe passage for them and their families.

– Al-Alam Al-Arabi

This is significant in that it shows that there’s at least some disenchantment among civilians in Gaza with Hamas and its tactics, or at least that some people there don’t want their families to die for the cause. It also indicates that there are Gazans who are willing to provide information that will harm Hamas if given the opportunity.

The terrorist organization rules Gaza with an iron fist and does not brook any real dissent. Among the many human rights abuses Hamas has inflicted against civilians in Gaza, the group curtailed free speech and criticism under the threat of violence.

However, throughout the war, some footage has emerged showing Gazans cursing and criticizing Hamas for its actions.

The involvement of Gazans in providing essential intelligence to the IDF challenges conventional understandings of the conflict. While Gazans do not hold favorable views toward Israel, their willingness to aid the IDF illustrates a multi-layered and nuanced dimension that goes beyond outright antagonism.

Nevertheless, this development has received almost no attention from the press and the political left, who typically focus on criticizing Israel while downplaying Hamas’ role in perpetuating the conflict and its impact on Gazans. It is almost as if they do not want the world to know how Hamas treats its people, using them as human shields and propaganda tools while using violence against them when they try to flee the region to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

This story also further emphasizes that Hamas is the true enemy here, and the primary reason why Gazans are in such peril. Still, hopefully, the actions of Gaza’s residents will help to bring the war to a close. There is no chance for a lasting peace as long as Hamas exists.

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