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I want everyone to take a look at this email from Citizens Alliance NH, a group I am not very familiar with, but I did respond to them as a rep candidate last year.

This message could easily get very long as I could refute the ratings of lots of reps, particularly many well known ones who have earned their reputations, good or bad.  This group has red-starred a lot of good reps that I support.  I’m sure you will see for yourself as you spot check a few.

I’m glad that the author of this report had enough common sense to red-star ALL the Nashua reps, particularly the Newmans and their ilk in Hollis.  However, they gave green stars to some very unworthy RINOs!  Ted Gorski voted YES on HB 1342 last year.  He and former Rep Wuelper seem to like the idea of uncapping Nashua and voted with the enemy camp.  Thank God Wuelper is no longer in office, but Gorski sadly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  They’re the kind of people that Ward 4(home to the disgraced SM Laughton and no-show serial swamp rat David Cote) would vote for.  Green stars were also given to several Belknap treasonist members of the famous “Lang Gang” of Gunstock.  (see other GG articles)

And about Lang, let’s talk about how they reviewed the Senate.  First and foremost, the WHOLE Senate deserves a reprimand for voting YES on Mass Health unanimously, and one should never forget that.  At least my senator responded to my complaint with a defense argument about uncompensated care being a “hidden tax.”  While I appreciate his honesty and decision to not ignore me, I still do NOT support that vote.  And Tim Lang wrote some editorial about a “conservative vote for it.” (citation needed)  23 out of 24 senators got red-starred.  While I agree that some Republicans have gone wayward, two examples being Denise voting YES on Twitley’s welfare school lunch and database surveillance and Sharon’s union sympathizing, I don’t think all of them necessarily deserve red stars.  And Sharon makes up for that union sympathizing elsewhere, particularly in her support for SB 203.  And the one and only yellow star (a mediocre rating)?  You guessed, Senator Murphy.  I happen to like Senator Murphy, but how did he do marginally better than his 23 peers?  Was it just because he voted for pot?  I’d like to know.  Asking for ALL of NH.

Share your thoughts about this group and this survey report in the comments.

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