Is a Coup Under Way in China? Over 6,000 Flights Canceled, Senior Officials Jailed, Where There’s Smoke, There is Fire [DETAILS INSIDE]


Rumors are swirling that a possible coup is underway in China as over 6,000 flights have been canceled, and sources reporting that senior level officials have been jailed.

The foremost expert on China Gordon G. Chang made the following statement on Twitter.

This video of military vehicles moving to #Beijing comes immediately after the grounding of 59% of the flights in the country and the jailings of senior officials. There’s a lot of smoke, which means there is a fire somewhere inside the #CCP. #China is unstable.

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Chang originally tweeted this an hour prior.

#Coup rumors in #China are probably false, but something is happening. @JCats2013 @77WABCradio

Our own Matt Couch posted this as well as rumors are swirling. There is definitely something amiss in China and with the CCP.

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