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In an extraordinary tale of durability, an iPhone has reportedly survived a fall from an aeroplane, demonstrating remarkable resilience. This incident was shared on X by user @SeanSafyre, who found the iPhone by the roadside along with a baggage claim receipt from Alaska Airlines flight ASA 1282.

Though the specific iPhone model wasn’t identified, features like the Dynamic Island suggest it’s an iPhone 14 Pro or a newer version. The phone was found in aeroplane mode and unlocked, with a hard case attached, although the case’s brand remains unknown.

The Backstory of the iPhone’s Plunge

The backdrop of this incident involves Alaska Airlines flight ASA 1282, operated by a Boeing 737-MAX 9. Over the weekend, the flight experienced a mishap where a window panel was blown off mid-air. CBS News reported that the plane reached approximately 16,000 feet before descending. The exact timing of the panel failure is uncertain. The iPhone, with part of a charging plug still attached, might have been among the items ejected due to the depressurized cabin.

How Did the iPhone Survive?

The survival of the iPhone from a potential 5km fall is nothing short of impressive. Images shared by @SeanSafyre, where the iPhone was discovered, show shrubbery which might have cushioned the phone’s fall, aiding in its remarkable preservation.

This story not only highlights the iPhone’s durability but also sparks curiosity about how modern smartphones can withstand extreme conditions, possibly rivalling even the legendary sturdiness of Nokia phones.

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