Investigations, impeachment, infighting: House Republicans curb their ambitions


The relatively weak red ripple from last week’s midterm elections may leave Republicans’ hopes for impeachment revenge against Joe Biden high and dry, but that probably won’t stop them from seeking dirt against the Democratic president, despite concerns from party moderates.

With Democrats controlling the Senate and the White House, a robust legislative agenda was never in the cards for the GOP. Instead, House Republicans will use their oversight powers to harry and embarrass Biden and his administration.  

Whether those investigations will lead to impeachment proceedings, however, is another matter, with GOP moderates signaling they won’t support them and conservatives lacking a large enough margin in the House to make up the difference.

“Is the appetite still there? Yes. But is it a practical possibility? Probably less likely because the margins are different,” said Rep. Andy Barr, R-Ky. “If you have a big majority, you’re more likely to have votes, and you can lose members.”

With five races still left uncalled, Republicans will control anywhere from 218 to 223 seats next year, meaning they’ll have a margin over Democrats of one to 11 members. For comparison, Democrats currently hold a 220-213 majority.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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