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DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#capstonecompaniesinc–Capstone Companies, Inc. (OTCQB: CAPC) (“Capstone” or the “Company”), a designer, manufacturer and marketer of consumer inspired products that simplify daily living through technology is excited to announce the launch of its latest groundbreaking product, the Connected Chef™ Kitchen Tablet. Developed to address the increasing trend of consumers bringing expensive phones and tablets into the kitchen, this purpose-built tablet offers a solution that enhances the cooking experience while prioritizing safety, durability, and affordability.

In recent years, it has become commonplace for individuals to utilize their personal devices in the kitchen for recipe browsing, cooking tutorials, and communication. However, this practice poses numerous concerns, including potential damage to valuable devices and potential health and safety risks. The kitchen environment, with its liquids, spills, and food bacteria, can cause irreversible harm to phones and tablets, as well as cross-contamination between devices and food.

Understanding these challenges, Capstone Companies has developed the Connected Chef™ Kitchen Tablet, designed specifically for culinary environments. This purpose-built tablet boasts the following features:

  1. Enhanced Durability: The Connected Chef™ Kitchen Tablet features a reinforced glass display, minimizing the risk of screen breakage even in busy kitchens. With waterproof seals and a raised base to protect against spills and liquids, this tablet is built to withstand the demands of a kitchen setting.
  2. Safety and Hygiene: By using the Connected Chef™ Kitchen Tablet, home chefs can address the health and safety concerns associated with using personal devices in the kitchen. The dedicated tablet provides a designated area that eliminates the transfer of bacteria and germs between food and personal devices. Consumers can cook with confidence, knowing their devices are protected and their food remains safe.
  3. Seamless Cooking Experience: The Connected Chef™ Kitchen Tablet serves as the perfect companion for culinary enthusiasts, offering easy access to a vast array of food blogger sites, online cookbooks, YouTube tutorials, and recipe organization tools. With its user-friendly interface and robust connectivity options, the tablet enhances the cooking experience and streamlines the process of following recipes, watching videos, and engaging with cooking content.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Connected Chef™ Kitchen Tablet, a game-changing solution for home cooking,” said Stewart Wallach, CEO of Capstone Companies. “We understand the importance of both safety and convenience in the kitchen, and our purpose-built tablet addresses these needs. It provides a durable, hygienic, and affordable solution that elevates the cooking experience.”

The Connected Chef™ Kitchen Tablet is expected to be available for purchase by August 2023 at Visit the website to learn more about this innovative product and its features, and discover how it can transform your cooking journey.

About Capstone Companies, Inc. Capstone Companies, Inc. is a public holding company that engages, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Capstone Industries, Inc. and Capstone Lighting Technologies, LLC, in the development, manufacturing and marketing of consumer products to retail channels throughout North America and certain international markets.

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