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In a tweet on Christmas day, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut shared a photo of a snow-covered tank along with a message apparently advocating for the U.S. to provide more aid to Ukraine.

“It’s up to Republicans in Congress whether this is the last Christmas in a free Ukraine,” Murphy tweeted.

While the U.S. has already supplied billions worth of aid to Ukraine as that country confronts a Russian invasion, Murphy supports pumping even more aid into the embattled Eastern European nation.

The senator is also a staunch gun control proponent who has said that he would support banning assault weapons but also acknowledged that there would not be enough votes to approve such a policy.

People on social media pounced on the lawmaker’s Ukraine-related Christmas post.

“How about you worry about our own borders,” someone wrote.

“The EU is hostile to Americans and our freedoms. How about they step up considering it’s in their sphere of responsibility? I’m tired of tax dollars going overseas as our people suffer,” someone else tweeted.

“Wrong. It is up to ALL members of congress to COMPROMISE and pass bills that secure our borders and help our allies,” someone else commented.

“I reckon its more up to Ukraine. We have our own problems to worry about, which I might remind you, are your job to fix, as an American congressman. Perhaps worry about the people you’re supposed to represent more. When we’re sitting pretty, then we might dare to worry elsewhere,” another commenter declared.

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