If You Wanted Another Reason to NOT Get the Next COVID Shot … – JP


This is timely. Just days after a UK report on how 95% of those who died from COVID had the COVID vaccines and boosters, CDC Director Mandy Cohen and Senator Chuck (It’s not a) Schumer are asking you to get updated flu and Covid “vaccination.”


Who needs a reason? Seriously? The sun rises, you pay taxes, and you roll up your sleeves for America. Or not. We also reported that 98% of Americans have not lined up for the latest thing. The Power of the Pandemic has lost its allure. I won’t say that mass psychosis has, at least for the media and the elites. The world showed them their ass during COVID, especially Western Democracies, so they’ll want to keep spanking that.

I have my doubts about the Cohen-Schumer One-Two Beg getting job one done. Especially when Chuck says, “They will do you a lot of good…it will avoid a lot of pain later.” Weaponized flu may still have legs, and in blue cities, states, and counties, their desire to scratch the itch is like Stimpy wanting to hit the bright red button. Still, if you’ve got people inoculated against the idea that voting by mail is fraud by mail everywhere else in the world, there is no need to play dress up.

Credit where it’s due, however, Senator, as the UK COVID data suggests, you might be one booster away from helping COVID kill you and dead people feel no pain later.

Here it is if you’d like a good laugh. Beauty and the Beast? Herman Munster and Cousin Marilyn. Jaclyn and Hyde. One of your own, if you prefer.




Las Vegas News Magazine

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