If Apple debuts the M4 chip in an iPad, it tells me it’s losing faith in its MacBooks – but I won’t be giving mine up


Apple has a big event coming up in a few days (Tuesday, May 7, to be exact), and the smart money is on this being a showcase for a new range of iPad tablets. However, one particular rumor suggests this won’t be any ordinary iPad launch, and it might spook a few Mac owners.

According to whispers online, at least one of the new iPads will be powered by Apple’s own M4 chip and will arrive with advanced AI features. Seeing these powerful M-series chips – primarily designed to run the best MacBooks and Macs – included in an iPad Pro isn’t anything new; there have been iPad models in the past that included these chips. However, their inclusion in an iPad usually comes after the chip has already appeared in Apple’s computers and laptops.

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