IDIOTS: The Ukraine ATTACKS French President for Peace Efforts Proving America Should Not Send ONE MORE DAMN DIME!


The Ukraine obviously aren’t the brightest people in the world as they’re blasting French President Emmanuel Macron for trying to lead a peace effort to end the war in the Ukraine as Russia pounds them like a government mule.

Americans are sick and tired of the nearly $200 billion that’s been laundered, oops, we mean sent to the Ukraine and no one has any recollection of where any of the money or military hardware is at. But keep believing the mainstream media, you’re a super sheep.

Macron, doing what an American president should be doing is trying to stop the war and the conflict, so what do the knuckleheads who can’t do anything without American money do, they attack him for it. This is ludicrous, and not one more damn dime should go to the Ukraine, not ONE!

Macron says he would like to see an end to the devastating Ukraine-Russia war, which is impoverishing the West as they face freezing weather without a sufficient supply of energy.

For this to end, he is attempting a thing called diplomacy, which apparently is taboo if you’re Ukrainian or a Democrat in America.

Now the Ukrainian Regime is calling him an “Appeaser” for trying to work out a deal. These people are straight up dumbasses. If you try to negotiate peace, the Ukraine says you’re an “appeaser” or a “sucker” falling into Russia’s trap. What trap, would you like them to keep bombing the shit out of you?

Russia doesn’t want the U.S. on its doorstep, and rightfully so. The United States wold have a conniption if Russia dropped missile batteries, some IBM’s (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) and 40,000 troops, along with some other toys in Canada. It’s not hard to figure out that you’re being played unless you watch the bullshit on the mainstream media.

This war isn’t new, they’ve been fighting it since 2014, and the entire eastern region of the Ukraine from Donbass to Crimea want to be Russian. However the American war machine and media won’t tell you that little secret, that doesn’t keep the money flowing. You’re being played and lied to.

America through Boris Johnson told the Ukraine to not negotiate, and a deal was done, but America and the Ukraine didn’t want that. The deal was simple, the Ukraine can’t join NATO, and the Donbass regions can govern themselves, and that’s a hell of a lot better than nuclear war. Watch the video above, Dave Smith breaks it down, and makes the mainstream media look stupid.

“This means that one of the essential points we must address, as President Putin has always said, is the fear that Nato comes right up to its doors and the deployment of weapons that could threaten Russia,” Mr. Macron said.

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“That topic will be part of the topics for peace, so we need to prepare what we are ready to do, how we protect our allies and member states, and how to give guarantees to Russia the day it returns to the negotiating table.”

Zelensky and Kyiv immediately criticized Macron and attacked peace.

“Someone wants to provide security guarantees to a terrorist and killer state?” said Oleksiy Danilov, who serves as Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president’s national security chief.

“Instead of Nuremberg – to sign an agreement with Russia and shake hands?” he added.

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Zelensky, said the “civilized world needs ‘security guarantees’ from [the] barbaric intentions of post-Putin Russia.”

You want this war to end, stop funding these buffoons. They’ll be at the table in no time negotiating a peace deal. It’s literally mind numbing that Americans are so stupid they can’t realize this fact. – Our Apparel Brand – Tell them Matt Couch Sent you! – Long lasting food from our friends at My Patriot Supply – Support our work on Patreon 

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