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By Chris Lott


In full disclosure, I grew up in a middle class suburban neighborhood in northern California. My friends were of all races, genders, incomes and even disabilities. I loved experiencing their cultures and family traditions. Racism and identity politics were there I suppose, but was not part of any of the circles I was part of. I just didn’t think that way and if my friends did I was not aware.

My parents were not “gifted” anything in life to get to this neighborhood and lifestyle. My Dad was a gas station attendant when I was born. He then went to college night school to become a draftsman on his own nickel. While working on his schooling he took employment as a dock worker for an aerospace company. Working there he ultimately became a draftsman working his way up to engineer. The American self-made dream.

However, by today’s standards we’re identified as privileged and by the color of skin we’re automatically labeled racist. I don’t get it.

Your misery doesn’t make me a racist.

I understand that there are less-than family structures. That environments’ are terrible in some cases. Generationally passed on as well. Hate for their predicament breeds radical thinking and opinions many times. Passions to be expressed, sometimes violently, that become ideologies emboldened by a circle of like-belief friends. But how does this make me a racist?

I have found in life those that are not happy work diligently at making others feel the same. I am not sure why exactly. Maybe to validate their unhappiness? Maybe that’s why some want me to feel guilty and less than?

Tragedies in history.

The history of the world is full of terrible tragedies and abuses of our fellow humans. Some of these abuses are part of our current events as well. We can be a disgusting lot, no doubt. But yet we survive, move on and grow regardless. Or do we?

“All peoples have histories of abuse at one time or another. None have been exempt.”

It seems identity politics won’t let us. We should learn from past mistakes of others and ourselves to never repeat again. We should grow from what we learned. Change for the better of mankind should be a goal for all. But reliving long past abuses, looking for restitution from non-abusers based on skin color and never getting past the past is a problem.

Identity politics.

I decided, long ago, that no one will ever get to label me. Will never pigeon hole me into a substandard ideology. I refuse to feel guilty for something I never was a part of.

I still enjoy the diversities of life. I really try to look for the good in all people. I don’t believe that any group is better than any other. We all have our challenges and dreams. What a better world we would have if we could focus on that and not on our “differences”. We need to stop identity politics.

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