I Just Got a Slick Mailing Sent by “Kahn for Mayor” – JP


Former mayor Kendall Lane was quoted: “I think it’s very exciting to have Jay running for mayor…”. That was a neat trick: getting Jay and “exciting” in the same sentence.

Do you want exciting? – try Kahn’s opponent, Bradford Hutchinson. The moribund Keene Sentinel needs exciting news worth reading. Vote for Bradford! Save the Sentinel!

Our current mayor, Hansel, was not quoted. Maybe it’s the lack of popularity in his bulldozing of Keene’s proposed infrastructure program. We were first told that this boondoggle would cost $7 million – now it’s “more than $14 million”.

We bought Alaska from Russia for $7 million. I went to Stantec’s (Keene’s expensive consultant) website. The best I could figure, their merit is “climate change.” Carbon is the basis of all life. The carbon they want to eliminate includes us.

Jay takes his marching orders from Democratic Party Central (climate change, bicycles instead of cars, dead trees,…). The final item on the mailing says he will leverage his record on infrastructure upgrades to promote economic opportunities for Keene. Looks like Jay is supporting Hansel’s Folly. Count on higher taxes and more debt while disrupting small businesses. By the way, the Vilas Bridge is still unrepaired.

The so-called Democratic Party wants to wreck our first-in-the-nation primary, saying we’re too white. New Hampshire preferred Obama to McCain in 2012 and to Romney in 2016 – both by substantial margins, each margin larger than that of the USA at large.

In the 2020 Democratic Party primary, Biden lost to an older white man (Bernie), a gay man (Mayor Pete), a woman (Senator Klobuchar), and a woman claiming Native American heritage (Senator Warren). He lost to a diverse group. We don’t like Biden, so wreck our primary?

Bradford has lived here for decades and knows the streets and its people. Bradford owns a Tulsi cap and supports Kennedy for President. He favors independent thought.

I first met Bradford ten years ago when he introduced himself as The King of Keene. He, like many others these days, needs to be demoted. Please vote for Bradford Hutchinson for mayor.

FIRST DO NO HARM: Ditch Washington and the Democratic Party’s destructive, oppressive hypocrisies. Try something new! Send a message! Throw the bums out!

Save the Keene Sentinel! Please vote for Bradford Hutchinson for Mayor of Keene on November 7.


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