Hunter Biden’s victim sob story: Letters to the Editor — Dec. 14, 2023


The Issue: Hunter Biden’s complaints about media attention amid an indictment and House investigation.

Hunter Biden appears so delusional that he now asks for our sympathy (“Poor Me!” Dec. 9).

But I’m not getting the tissues out just yet. A man who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on his sexual exploits wants us to feel sorry for him? We have reached a new level of hypocrisy.

Though President Biden may be proud of his son, it doesn’t change the fact Hunter is a narcissistic degenerate.

He spent big on drugs, sex and rehab and we are supposed to believe that Republicans are out to get him because of dear old dad?

If the average citizen skipped out on a huge tax debt, they would probably end up in jail.

To all potential voters, please think about this before you go to the polls to cast your vote: Joe has blatantly misled the public and continues to do so about his son’s influence.

Be smart in 2024: Send Biden back to Delaware.

Betsy Flor

Putnam Valley

The comments Hunter Biden’s lawyer made to the press after his client was indicted are pretty funny.

The lawyer said if Hunter’s last name wasn’t “Biden,” he wouldn’t be looking at 17 years in the hoosegow.

Quite the contrary! Apparently, all ruling-class folks can, without penalty, commit any crime they please.

While blowing some $1.2 million on prostitutes, girlfriends and clothes, Hunter neglected his duty as a gainfully employed citizen and evaded $1.4 million in taxes. That delinquency developed over three years.

Almost any other American would have been incarcerated long ago.

Willie Harris

Peoria, Ariz.

Pity that “poor” Hunter Biden is finally being brought to justice for . . . tax evasion?

Where is the investigation to determine the source of his income?

We continually hear that payments to Hunter Biden were intended to buy access to the president, but could Hunter have sold more than access to Joe?

Hunter had no valuable talents, but what about his ability to give information?
For example, we also know that government documents were stored in

Biden’s Delaware garage, which Hunter could have possibly had access to while he lived there.

It just seems like the prosecutor is suddenly anxious to bring a case with mostly misdemeanors — for which a father could more easily pardon his son.

Poor Hunter, indeed.

Frank DeLustro

Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Hunter Biden is apparently a victim.

The real tragedy is that his father opened our southern border, allowing a free flow of deadly drugs. Does this seem ironic to anyone? The Biden family has been touched by addiction. Yet Joe has abetted an uncontrolled, open-door policy for illegal immigration, handing the drug cartels free rein to poison and kill us.

Maria Cutro

Tenafly, NJ

That Hunter is a classic dirtbag has been proven beyond any doubt.

These new indictments are not satisfying, as none of them leads to the president. The statute of limitations has now expired for the Burisma dealings, which could have dealt Hunter further blows.

The timing is laughable. Hunter was about to be grilled by Congress, but it seems that won’t happen anymore.

This all will conveniently result in zero justice — and a presidential pardon is waiting in the wings. If anyone is seeing a common theme here, it’s that powerful people don’t go to prison. Welcome to America.

James Schwartz

Summit, NJ

Was it “poor me” when Hunter was smoking crack, hanging with hookers and living a life of extravagance? We make decisions in life and all those decisions have consequences.

Man up, Hunter. Stop being a crybaby.

Bob Robustelli

Stamford, Conn.

On Hunter’s indictment: I’ve worked in the addiction field for almost 30 years.

The disease concept of addiction explains behavior. It doesn’t excuse it.

John Antosz

Sagamore, Mass

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