Hunter Biden’s shrink tells the truth with ‘high’ art


Hunter Biden’s former psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow now also has a sideline career as an artist — and he has created a surreal new artwork for his former patient: a gigantic prescription form advising him to “blow paint,” not “blow.” 

The first son has taken up a painting career in recent years, creating artworks in which he blows droplets of ink with a metal straw onto paper — and then tries to sell them for as much as $500,000 apiece. 

Ablow’s prescription artwork encourages Hunter, 53, to continue channeling his passions into blowing ink, as a substitute for using drugs. 

In light of speculation over who owns the cocaine stash found at the White House last week, Ablow also points out how difficult it is to get over a cocaine addiction. 

While at pains to say he is not talking about the president’s son, whom he treated for drug addiction in 2018 and 2019, Ablow says “relapsing for people who have been addicted to cocaine is very common. … It is such an easy way to dodge your inner truth [but] one thing about emotional pain is you can’t outrun it forever.” 

Photos from Hunter’s abandoned laptop of his Porsche dashboard that show him hitting speeds of 172 mph in the summer of 2018, or appearing to smoke crack behind the wheel, also prompted comment from Ablow. 

Hunter Biden’s former psychiatrist has taken up a side career as an artist.

Ablow said that when he saw the photos recently in the press, he viewed them as a “metaphor for Hunter’s life.” 

“It doesn’t take a psychiatrist, and certainly not his psychiatrist, to ask whether that picture doesn’t tell the story of his life in some way because he lost his mother and his sister in a car crash [when he was 2] and there he is in a car going at 170 miles high on crack. 

“You can’t outrace that magnitude of loss. You can’t drug yourself into oblivion after you’ve experienced that. … 

A photo from Hunter Biden's laptop of him appearing to smoke crack while driving.
A photo from Hunter Biden’s laptop of him appearing to smoke crack while driving.
Another photo showed Biden driving at a speed of 172 mph on the way to Las Vegas.
Another photo showed Biden driving at a speed of 172 mph on the way to Las Vegas.

“Hence the suggestion to be an artist, if that is where your passion is, and don’t drug yourself. 

“Artists are often reprocessing pain but productively. They are alchemists. They take pain and they turn it into meaningful images.”

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