Hunter Biden's Daughter's Mom Lunden Roberts Said Phones Mysteriously Wiped


Lunden Roberts, known for her paternity case against Hunter Biden, has made headlines again. She claimed her phones were hacked and images of Hunter, the father of her child, mysteriously vanished when she found out she was pregnant. Roberts and Biden were involved in a paternity case after she filed for child support, claiming Biden was the father of her child born in August 2018.

A DNA test confirmed Biden’s paternity in 2019, leading to a court case regarding child support which was settled in March 2020. On Friday, Roberts joined Megyn Kelly to dive into her new book, “Out of the Shadows,” exploring her life changes after becoming pregnant.

“A lot of stuff is gone from my iCloud… just about everything with Hunter was gone,” Roberts said on the disappearance of Hunter-related content from her devices. “That’s something that I can’t explain,” she said, which led Kelly to ask whether she believed the U.S. government had a hand in the paranormal event.

“You always wonder that because, especially like, hearing all these conspiracies about things and how they happen and especially with politics. So you always wonder that and that’s always been in the back of my mind—was somebody trying to protect him?” she asked.

Roberts and Hunter’s relationship reportedly began around the time she was working at a gentlemen’s club in Washington, D.C., where Hunter was a frequent visitor. Their brief relationship led to the birth of a child in August 2018.

On Tuesday, the jury in the trial of Hunter found him guilty on three felony counts of purchasing a firearm while an active drug user, setting him up for potential prison time with less than five months before Election Day. The jury, which deliberated for just three hours across Monday and Tuesday, was asked to weigh whether Hunter lied on official documents when he denied using drugs while purchasing a handgun in 2018.

Prosecutors with the office of special counsel David Weiss later charged him by citing portions of his 2021 autobiography where Hunter admits to smoking crack cocaine around the time of the purchase. His sister-in-law and former lover Hallie Biden testified in court that she witnessed Hunter using crack cocaine around the same time. Photographic evidence pulled from Hunter’s laptop showed him surrounded by drug paraphernalia and appearing to smoke the substance.

“He knew he was using drugs. That’s what the evidence shows. And he knew he was addicted to drugs. That’s what the evidence shows,” prosecutor Leo Wise told the jury in closing arguments on Monday.

In opposition, the defense argued that Hunter did not consider himself an “addict” at the time of the firearms purchase. The government form, which asks whether a gun purchaser is “an unlawful user of, or addicted to” drugs, was marked “no” by Hunter at the time. His attorneys argue that his completion of rehabilitation in August of 2018 supported the argument that he was not an active drug user at the time. In addition, defense lawyers argued that no one saw Hunter using drugs in the 11 days he possessed the gun before Hallie, upon discovering it, threw it away.

“With my last breath in this case, I ask for the only verdict that will hold the prosecutors to what the law requires of them,” said Hunter’s lawyer Abbe Lowell, referencing a not-guilty verdict. The White House has maintained that Biden loves his son unconditionally, even as former aides have suggested that Hunter downplay his court appearances and distance himself from his father’s reelection campaign.

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