HP and Nuheara Team Up to Launch Affordable OTC Hearing Aids


HP, Nuheara

In an odd twist, Nuheara’s first pair of FDA-cleared OTC hearing aids arrive with HP branding. The new HP Hearing PRO use a self-fitting design and promise to reduce the frustration of mild or moderate hearing loss. More importantly, they only cost $699—that’s nearly $4,000 less than the average prescription hearing aid.

The FDA debuted its OTC hearing aid classification on October 17th, 2022. This new classification encourages companies to sell affordable hearing aids, though it also provides a bit of regulation for brands like Nuheara, which established a foothold in this market several years ago.

Most U.S. insurance companies refuse to pay for hearing aids, as they are an “elective” and “non-essential” medical device. The problem, of course, is that hearing aids cost a fortune. While products from Nuheara and similar brands are far from perfect, they’re a game-changer for those who can’t afford traditional hearing aids. (Though I only suggest buying OTC hearing aids if you have mild or moderate hearing loss. If you’re very hard of hearing, or if you’re concerned about future hearing loss, you need to talk with an audiologist.)

Feature-wise, the HP Hearing PRO are fairly impressive. An “Ear ID” software measures your hearing levels to provide the best sound quality and volume. Plus, noise reduction technology ensures that you hear what’s important while in crowded or busy settings.

HP Hearing PRO come in an earbuds-styled charging case. They offer 8 hours of battery life, which is enough for a shift at work, and they can stream music from your phone. Essentially, they’re a pair of earbuds with hearing aid technology baked in.

Interestingly, the HP Hearing PRO are nearly half the price of Sony’s first OTC hearing aids. But they’re a few hundred dollars more than the Nuheara IQbuds 2 MAX, which scored an 8/10 in our detailed review earlier this year.

According to HP and Nuheara, shipments of HP Hearing PRO are currently on their way to retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. We expect the OTC hearing aids to go on sale in the coming weeks. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to review these earbuds, as they’re a landmark product.

Source: HP and Nuheara

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