How to Write the Perfect YouTube Channel Description: 10 Essential Elements


There are many ways to bring views to your content on YouTube like sharing on other websites, using the right hashtags, embedding them on a website, or using apps that optimize your channel. However, converting those viewers into regular subscribers is the most important and challenging part.

There is just so much good content and nagging people to hit the subscribe button can do. To have a higher chance of people engaging and subscribing to your channel, you should have a well-written YouTube channel description.

The channel description is the first thing viewers see in the search results and when they access your channel. It needs to be catchy and full of important information that could help viewers understand what to expect from your channel.

If your channel description is convincing for viewers to visit again, they will surely subscribe. To help you with this, I am listing all the important elements that make a YouTube channel description perfect. Keep reading.

How to Add YouTube Channel Description

Before we write the channel description, I should tell you where you need to go to actually enter the description, just in case you don’t know. Below are the steps:

Open up your YouTube channel and click on the Customize channel button at the top-right corner.

Here move to the Basic info section and you’ll find the Description heading with a box below it where you can add the description.


The description can be 1000 characters max, so you have to take full advantage of the limited space and only enter information that’s necessary.

Write YouTube Channel Description

The description for a YouTube channel needs to be catchy and precise. I can’t provide exact steps of what you need to include since what is important to include depends on the channel’s scope. However, I am going to list the most important information that you should include. You can then craft your YouTube channel description by figuring out what will work best for your specific YouTube channel.

1. A Catchy Opening

The opening line of your YouTube channel description is very important since it’s the part that is visible by default in search results and decides whether people will open your channel to learn further or not. There are many ways to go about it and below I am listing some ideas to get you started:

  • Start with a question, preferably a thought-provoking one. For example, “Ever wondered how to create stunning art with nothing but a pencil?”.
  • Use an interesting fact like “Did you know that over 80% of people struggle with time management”.
  • A bold statement sometimes does wonders, especially if you can back it up with good content. Like, “Welcome to my channel where I will transform your cooking skills from ordinary to extraordinary!”.
  • An Anecdote can help people relate, preferably if it’s true as well. For example, “It all started with a simple idea: helping businesses to unlock their full potential”.
  • A Tagline or catchphrase works too, such as “Where creativity knows no bounds, Welcome to (your channel name)”.
  • Highlight what makes your channel unique in the niche, like “The only channel dedicated to making fitness fun, accessible, and effective for all.”
  • You can invoke interest in end-goals, like “Dreaming of traveling the world? Your passport to breathtaking destinations starts right here.”

The above are some ideas, you can combine these to write a catchy opening that best suits your channel.

2. Content Overview

A quick overview of what your channel covers is necessary. You can finish it in a single sentence and just vaguely talk about what you cover. Don’t worry about the selling point of your content here, you just want to tell users the nature of your channel.

For example, “Dive into a universe of tech wonders with our engaging tutorials, in-depth reviews, and illuminating insights”.

3. Unique Selling Point (USP)

Right after telling the nature of your channel, it’s time to talk about what makes your channel different from others. For example, for a tech channel, you can write something like “We unravel intricate tech topics with simplicity, bridging the gap between novices and experts”. This basically tells them that your content is easy to understand and you make complicated subjects digestible.


Of course, you must have started the channel with a unique selling point in mind, just talk about it and make sure you use the same tone that is being used throughout the channel description.

4. Mention Upload Schedule


If you have a consistent upload schedule, then it’s worth mentioning it somewhere in the description to create an expectation for the viewers. This will also greatly help with encouraging viewers to subscribe if they like your upload schedule.

5. Add Previous Achievements

If you have notable awards, achievements, or some recognizable milestones, you should mention them to give credibility to your channel. This also includes your collaboration with other creators.

6. Use Proper Keywords


Keywords related to your channel should be in the channel description since the description is used for SEO too. This will improve your search engine rankings and make your channel discoverable. You can also add some hashtags, they might look a bit dirty, but they are great for SEO. You can use a hashtag generator to ease the process.

7. Mention Channel Sections

Viewers greatly appreciate proper sections in channels so they can directly view videos that interest them. However, there is a good chance they will stumble upon your channel description first before actually seeing these sections. So while talking about channel focus and USP, it’s good to mention that you have dedicated sections for specific topics (if you have any, of course).

8. Use Emojis


Emojis are a great way to gain the attention of the users and they also help create sections of the channel description. You can use a website like Get Emoji to look for related emojis and easily copy and paste them into your YouTube channel description.

9. Mention Big Updates

If you have made any significant updates to the channel, then it’s worth adding at the end or maybe with an “Update” note. Updates worth mentioning could include changes like formatting, branding, schedule, and content type.

10. Acknowledge and Thank Subscribers

While ending the description, it’s a good idea to thank viewers and subscribers for viewing and supporting your channel. This will end the description on a good note and make viewers feel appreciated. You should also do this when you reach a specific subscriber milestone. This will highlight this achievement in the description and also make current subscribers more dedicated.

YouTube Channel Description Example

I know combining all of the above points in a single description isn’t easy. You need to understand what works best for your channel and then craft a description accordingly. However, to help you visualize how a YouTube channel description may look when you combine the points above, I have written an example description for Gtricks YouTube Channel.


I have formatted the below description in separate points. You can try the same or use paragraphs but separately write important points like big updates or thanking the subscribers.

Gtricks, Your Google Products Guru! Simplifying the Google universe with tutorials, reviews, and insights. Our forte? Untangling complex tech for everyone.

🚀 What Sets Us Apart: We make the intricacies of Google products understandable. Bridging the gap between novices and experts is our goal.

📆 Weekly Uploads: Stay current with Google’s universe through our regular uploads. Trusted by tech experts, we bring you quality.

🔍 Explore Dedicated Sections: Tailor your experience. Dive into Google Workspace, Android tips, Gmail efficiency, Chrome hacks, and more.

🎉 Coming Up: Brace for a fresh look, enriched content, and more. Exciting updates are in the pipeline.

🙏 Thank You: A salute to our viewers and subscribers! Your unwavering support keeps us going strong.

Embark on a journey of tech discovery with Gtricks. Subscribe now and unleash the full potential of Google products!

Ending Thoughts 🤔🌟

I am sure you’ll be able to write the perfect YouTube channel description while keeping the above points in mind. You may have noticed I didn’t talk about what tone you should use while writing the description. It’s mainly because the tone is picked already as it should be similar to the tone used in your videos. For example, if you have humorous takes on the topic, then use a humorous tone in the channel description too.

Also, right below the description box, there are options to add external links. Make sure you add your website or social media links here to increase viewer engagement.

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