How to watch Sony’s PlayStation State of Play event this evening


Sony’s kicks off this evening at 6PM ET and it’s extremely easy to watch. The stream will be available on the company’s , and . Sony says the event should last around 30 minutes.

So what’s on the agenda? The company promises the stream will spotlight 14 games coming to the PS5 and PS VR2. Sony hasn’t announced many first-party titles for the months and years ahead, so this should finally give us a glimpse into the future of both the PS5 and its VR headset accessory. Wait, 14 games in 30 minutes? You had better not take a break to make popcorn.

Sony remains mum as to which 14 games will get some TLC during the stream, but we have some likely guesses. It’s been nearly three years for Insomniac’s Wolverine game dropped, and the near-indestructible mutant has been all over the pop culture landscape lately. It’s highly likely we’ll get an actual gameplay trailer and maybe, just maybe, a release date.

Rumors have suggested that the will get another trailer, but Konami is holding its own event immediately following State of Play. Konami’s event is called , so we’re definitely getting something about the neglected horror franchise. We just don’t know if it’ll be at 6PM ET or sometime after 7PM ET.

An ad for the event.An ad for the event.


It’d be really nice if Sony finally announces Ghost of Tsushima 2, particularly after the release of that stellar PC port of the original game. Haven’s and Firewalk’s Concord are likely to show up. Also, Bungie is getting ready to release a Destiny 2 expansion . That’ll likely get a shoutout. Reports suggest a new Astro game from Team Asobi is currently in development.

Now onto hopes. We know Guerilla is working on more games in the Horizon universe, so it’d be nice to get some information about that. Sony owns a bunch of studios and they all have to be working on something. Just one surprise from Naughty Dog or Media Molecule could set the internet on fire. In any event, we don’t have that long to wait.

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