How To Tell If Someone Has Snapchat Plus In 2024?


When Snapchat first launched the Plus subscription, it included features designed to make using the app more fun. However, in addition to these quirky features, Snapchat Plus allows users to see who has been watching their story multiple times. Now, whether you’re trying to keep an eye on your loved one or something else, getting caught stalking someone isn’t ideal. Moreover, with members also getting access to the Solar System feature, here are five ways to tell if someone has Snapchat Plus.

1. Snapchat+ Badge

The easiest way to know if someone has Snapchat Plus is by looking for the exclusive badge. Every Plus user gets access to a badge they can pin on their profile to inform their friends. However, it is essential to note that users also have the option to hide the badge and their subscription status, meaning someone looking at their profile would not know.

2. Chat Wallpapers

While regular users can put chat wallpapers, Plus members get an exclusive selection of chat wallpapers they can apply with their friends. This makes it easier to know their subscription tier. To check this:

Open the Snapchat app.

Open the chat between you and the person whose status you want to know.

Open their profile.

Click on the “Wallpaper” button.

Check the list of premium wallpapers to see if the person is using any of those. Alternatively, using an image from their camera roll as wallpaper also indicates a Plus status.

3. Replayed Snap Twice

We all know that users have long been able to replay snaps they missed. While most can replay a snap once, Plus members can replay any snap twice, thus indicating their premium status. Moreover, you also get a notification when a person has replayed your snap multiple times.

4. Custom Profile Backgrounds

Since Snapchat doesn’t allow users to keep a profile image, Bitmojis are the only way to express themselves and their personality. Keeping this in mind, Snapchat Plus users get access to exclusive Bitmoji backgrounds and can generate custom backgrounds using AI. Therefore, telling if someone has Snapchat Plus status is straightforward—visit their profile, and if it contains an exclusive background, it means they have Snapchat Plus.

5. Custom Story timers

As part of the Plus subscription, Snapchat allows users to post stories with varying durations, from an hour to a week. This is an excellent indicator of their premium status, as someone posting stories that last more than 24 hours likely has the Plus subscription.

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