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In this guide, I want to show you what you need to consider before starting an affiliate cam site, what kind of affiliate live cam you can begin to, how to properly advertise such a business, and obviously how to make good money with it.

Live cam business is one of the highest-earning businesses in the adult industry. Gone are the days when watching free porn on the internet used to be the fad. Now it’s all about chatting with models performing sexual acts on webcams.
The live cam business has brought intimacy that users had been looking for in their time. People are ready to spend a good amount of money to interact with models on cam personally. Loneliness is a legit issue in people’s lives, and live cams have played a significant role in curbing it to some extent.

The Affiliate Live Cam Business
The affiliate live cam business pays webmasters and influencers to promote a specific product or brand.
The affiliate earns some commission for all new customers or sales sent to the affiliate partner business. This is usually done in the form of either a flat commission for each signup or sale or a share of the revenue.
Affiliate live webcam marketing is very effective for the brand, as they only pay out the affiliates when a new sale is made. This way, the company is not paying for marketing that isn’t doing well.
It’s also practical for the affiliates, as there is a huge earning potential. We agree, there’s no guaranteed income. But when done right, affiliate marketing can be more profitable than other forms of internet monetization for the affiliates.
Many cam networks provide profitable affiliate programs for webmasters. These networks have tons of cam sites under their umbrella and thousands of models on their cam sites. As a webmaster, you must set up an affiliate cam site and host those models on your cam site.

Statistics of popular cam websites
Here is a quick overview of the top cam websites on the internet and how much traffic they get. Considering these numbers, bringing your affiliate webcam site is advisable for some good passive income.

Top GEOs
Top Traffic Source(s)
Ref %

US(18%), UK(5.6%), Germany(5.6%)
Direct (44%), Ref. (34%), Search (21%)

US(11%), India(6%), Italy(5%)
Direct(41%), Ref(40%), Search(18%)

US(26%), India(7%), Germany(6%)
Ref(90%), Direct(7%), Search(2%)
36% – 1Y

US(14%), India(6%), Ukraine(5.6%)
Ref(49%), Direct(32%), Search(18%)

US(31%), Spain(11%), Columbia(5%)
Direct(60%), Search(19%), Ref(19%)
US(69%), Germany(5%), Sweden(4%)
Direct(84%), Ref(12%), Search(3%)

US(29%), Guatemala(26%), India(3%)
Direct(40%), Ref(35%), Search(25%)

US(29%), Guatemala(26%), India(3%)
Direct(40%), Ref(35%), Search(25%)

US(58%), Italy(9%), Germany(4%)
Direct(70%), Search(20%), Social (5%)
5% – 1Y

US(40%), India(14%), S.Africa(10%)
Search(45%), Direct(41%), Ref(3%)

Revenue Structure of Affiliate Live Cam Websites
The revenue structure for affiliate live webcam sites is straightforward. As you host live cam models from various cam sites, your revenues come from redirecting traffic on your website to the parent cam site.

There are mainly three ways using which affiliate webcam sites generate revenue:

Commission for redirecting paying users to parent cam site
Affiliate banner ads
Webcam model referral

Commission for redirecting paying users
You can make money through affiliate partnerships where you send the users to the parent cam site, and when they make any purchase there, you get a commission for it. Users can buy tokens, the currency in most cam sites, or purchase subscriptions available on the cam sites.
Tokens are the currency that’s used on most cam sites. Users buy these tokens using real money and then spend these tokens on cam sites for tips, 1-on-1 shows, chats, etc. Anytime a user has been redirected from your affiliate webcam site goes to the parent cam site and spends tokens on various activities. You get a commission out of it.
Affiliate banner ads
Many cam site affiliate programs provide webmasters with promotional material like banners, links, and feeds to publish on their affiliate cam site. Some affiliate networks may provide different types of ads for promotion, whereas others might give only banner ads to be published.
You can place these banners on your affiliate webcam site and earn recurring revenue. You can choose multiple types of ads on your website like pop-up ads, banner ads, display ads, etc. Affiliate banner ads are a great way to earn passive income from your affiliate cam site.
Webcam model referral
Some networks offer model referral programs in addition to using referral programs. This can be a great new revenue source if you get good model traffic on your affiliate cam site.
The model referral programs work just like the user referral programs. Affiliates are given promotional content and tracking links. Sometimes the same referral links count for both user and model referrals.

Choosing a niche for your affiliate live cam website
A niche is a portion of a broader market defined by its unique preferences, identity, and needs. Before deciding on your niche, it’s essential to understand the difference between three very similar ideas: category, niche, and micro-niche.
There is no hard and fast rule for identifying a niche within a broader market. Anything that’ll define the market based on a unique trait can be termed a niche or micro-niche.
Choosing a niche market means focussing your strategies, products, and services to serve a specific segment of the market rather than the entire market.
A category is the broader segment of the porn market containing a collection of content focused on specific segments yet comprehensive enough to cover N numbers of sub-classifications within it. For example, Amateur Porn is a category.
Niche is a sub-segment inside a porn category that represents more refined classifications of content within that category. For example, Amateur cam girls is a category, and Milf amateur cam girls, Black amateur cam girls, are niche inside the Amateur cam girls category.
Micro-niche or Nano-niche is a further classification inside a Niche that singles out more focused segments inside the niche. For example, if you focus on the Amateur cam girls Category, you can have Niches like Milf amateur cam girls and Black amateur cam girls. However, if you dig deeper into these niches, you can find Micro-Niches such as Big tits milf amateur cam girls, Big tits black amateur cam girls, etc.
Why do you need a Micro-niche or Nano-niche?
Currently, the cam industry is enormous, with millions of cam sites. Most of them are giant players. It’s not wise to go eye to eye with the big players unless you have a big budget for marketing.
That’s where you can focus on a Niche, Micro-niche, or a Nano-niche to thrive in the market without competing directly with the big players. You can create your unique identity, secure brand recognition within your niche, and make better money.
Niche and Micro-Niches for your Affiliate Live Webcam Business
Live Camming is a large market. It may consist of categories like – Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Amateur, and Transgender cams. However, the adult industry is too big to create a niche by merely focusing on these N broader categories. You need to dig even deeper.
Let’s say you choose Amateur cam girls, but it’s still not a niche. Amateur cam girls is a category with enough demands, but it is still a challenging field with many competitors.
To stand out, you need to dig deeper and continue until you find a niche with enough demands yet lesser competition.
For example, ‘Female Domination’ can be a niche under the ‘Amateur cam girls’ category. When you dig further, you can find the Micro-Niches like- Goddess Worship and Foot Fetish.

Selecting a Micro-Niche is vital at this stage also because your roadmap for the next step, which is ‘content-sourcing,’ depends on your niche.

We will learn more about content sourcing as per your niche in the next chapter.

Sourcing content for your affiliate live webcam site
Content for an affiliate webcam website means live cam videos that people would love to watch on your website. It’s as straightforward as that. Choosing a niche is a non-negotiable part of your plan. It will decide the type of content you are going to the source and how you will adapt to source them.
If there is not enough content around your selected niche on the internet, your niche is not in demand, and there is not enough audience for that niche. Hence, investing in a niche without enough audience would be wrong. You must figure out a niche with great demand, content, and audience.
Let’s assume your niche revolves around inter-racial categories, but if you don’t want to source cam models from tube networks or membership websites, you can source cam girls from cam networks.
Sourcing the models from cam networks works the same way sourcing videos from tube networks works.
Depending on your chosen network, you can use both CSV and API importing methods. You can signup on the adult cam affiliate programs, such as AWEmpire, CamSoda, BongaCash, StripCash, etc.
Most big cam sites run profitable affiliate programs through which affiliates can make good commission money.
Suppose any user goes through your affiliate website to any website and makes a purchase say of tokens or subscription. In that case, the affiliate member website stands a chance to make good money from commission.

The domain name, Hosting server & Script.
Till now, you learned the basics of the affiliate live cam business, chosen a micro-niche for your website and figured out content sources for your website. Now it’s time to get our hands dirty with tech stuff.
Adult domain name
If you have not done it already, the first step would be choosing a domain name suitable for your affiliate cam website. You need to develop a unique, user-friendly, and industry-friendly domain name that resonates with your brand identity.
You can do this by narrowing down your inclinations, starting right from your chosen niche to primary keywords.

Here are several tips to choose the perfect domain name for your affiliate cam website:

It’s important to be easy to remember
It shouldn’t be too long and should be easy to type
Also, it’s important to be easy to pronounce
Must signify that it’s an affiliate cam website
It should include your primary keyword & niche
Is highly preferable to be available as a “.com” extension
Social media handles must be available in the original name

Adult web hosting
Hosting adult websites have different requirements than mainstream websites. Adult websites and adult web hosting providers must follow specific laws. That’s why even if thousands of web hosting brands exist, not all offer services to adult websites.
Laws related to adult content vary from place to place and country to country. The same hosting service provider may follow different restrictions and rules in other regions.
Not every web-hosting provider allows adult websites. They do this to make their business more straightforward, as managing adult websites and content takes more work.

Requisites for your dedicated adult web-hosting provider:

Make sure the hosting provider allows adult content on their servers
Confirm with their live support agent or call them directly
Research about the host’s reputation with adult websites
Make sure they don’t suspend websites for stupid reasons
Make sure they have minimum server downtime

Adult cam websites are usually huge, and they get massive website traffic. So, don’t settle for some cheap hosting plan to save a few bucks. Always pick good servers with ample strength to manage a sudden surge in traffic. In addition, it’s a big NO to shared servers.
Affiliate live cam script.
WordPress themes dominate the readymade script market. You can purchase an affiliate live webcam template and get a readymade webcam-like interface. It’s not bad, considering the price point at which they come. However, a WordPress theme cannot offer you the kind of flexibility, monetization channel, traffic handling, user handling, and all the things explained in this guide.
So ensure that the affiliate live cam script you consider provides the following essential features.

Must have functionalities of your Affiliate Live Cam Script:

Handling traffic: The Script must be robust enough to handle massive traffic and flexible enough to scale across multiple servers if required.
Integrated Model API: It should provide you with content, to begin with. xShows provides you with 20000+ online models to kickstart your business.
Monetization methods: The Script should allow you to get affiliate commissions for users watching live cam streams of parent websites and for users making purchases on the parent website.
Rebrandable: Your Script should give you complete freedom to rebrand your Affiliate webcam site with your business name, logo, colour, skin, design, and brand identity.
Platform Customizability: It should allow you to add, modify, or delete any feature and give you source-code access to the Script so that any skilled developer can customize it. Choose a competent tech stack, which you can customize to add new features in the future.

WP Live Cam
WPLiveCam plugin
WPLiveCam offers the most powerful and simple tool to make a live cam site with WordPress. You have only 1 theme to install. It’s easy and fast to use. We are at your disposal to improve it permanently, guaranteeing you the most mature and professional product in the live show industry.
With WP Live Cam you can add as many cam sites as you want, including Chaturbate, Bongacams, StripChat and all LiveJasmin cam sites. They support 13 live cam websites.
On top of that, they have a no-questions-asked refund policy for 14 days after the subscription. If you are not satisfied with the WPLiveCam product, you may let them know and they will refund your purchase right away.
-> Get xShows Affiliate Live Cam Script
If you need a dedicated turnkey script – a readymade affiliate webcam site script like xShows. The very Script that not only is readymade but also fully customizable to offer you the kind of control you need on your website to run a massive adult affiliate webcam business.
xShows is a multi webcam builder script that lets you build a webcam site with a pre-populated model database. These models are pulled and embedded from popular cam websites such as Bongacams, Chaturbate and much more. Just pull these live cam models on your website and earn thick affiliate commissions by redirecting your traffic to the cam networks.

Setting up the affiliate live webcam site
This chapter gives you the steps you need to take to set up your website once you have chosen your Script based on the information in the previous chapter.
To go live with your fully-ready affiliate webcam site, you must complete these steps in any script.
Install the Script
Based on the Script you chose, you would get a user manual, which you can refer to install the Script on your adult web server. For example, if you use the xShows Script, you get a user manual. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about this step, as the script providers will take care of it.
Link with the domain
This step also comes under the installation process so that the script providers will take care of it. You can link your domain name during the script installation process itself.
Check and edit the design.
Once you install the Script and your stock website is ready, it’s time to give it your unique brand identity. You can personalize your website according to your brand by using a graphical user interface, where you can-

Add your brand logo
Update web page content
Add different static pages
Update business information

In short, you need to update everything you want to show to your users on the front-end.
Import live cam models.
Once you are done with the basic website setup and personalization, you need models on your website to attract traffic.
Scripts like xShows come with four major webcam affiliate networks that provide you with tens of thousands of cam models available for your affiliate webcam site.

Default repository with the Script – xShows is integrated with affiliate webcam program networks like Bongacams, Chaturbate, and Stripcash, providing you with a repository of thousands of models online and ready to perform. You can import all available models based on the niche category you choose.
Customizable affiliate networks – You can ask the developers team if you want to integrate the API for any specific cam site which isn’t a part of the networks already integrated with your script.

How to bring traffic to your affiliate live cam website
Now that your website is ready to live on the internet with enough content, it’s time to start driving traffic to it to make money.
Once you have figured out your niche and acquired relevant cam models on your site using different sourcing methods, you must ensure that your website is optimized correctly.
For that, you need to complete three basic tasks:

Keyword Research
On-page SEO
Off-site SEO

Keyword Research
You need to find out a list of keywords revolving around your niche. Let’s assume that you chose the Micro Niche as “Big Tits Ebony Amateur cam girls”. Now, you need to categorize three major types of keywords revolving around Big Tits Ebony Amateur cam girls.

Primary Keywords – Your primary keyword will go as your domain name. If you cannot find a domain name with your primary keyword, you can prefix or suffix specific relevant keywords to your micro-niche.
Secondary keywords – You need at least ten secondary keywords that revolve around your primary keyword. Moreover, the secondary keywords will go as “Categories” on your tube site.
Long-tail Keywords – You must figure out at least 10-15 long-tail keywords for each secondary keyword. Let’s say you have figured out 15 secondary keywords, then you would have 150 long-tail keywords. These third-level keywords or long-tail keywords can go as your video titles, inside Meta descriptions, and other on-page texts.

On-site SEO
We discussed keyword research in the previous section, where we saw how you could use your secondary and long-tail keyword words in your categories, descriptions, and different web pages, respectively. Follow those guidelines for proper optimization.
Once you complete these optimizations, you must focus on your on-page SEO. However, be advised that as of now, we are not using on-page SEO to rank on the search engines or pull organic traffic. There is no way a newly built micro-niche affiliate cam site will start pulling organic traffic from Google overnight.
Instead, we are doing on-page SEO so that your website becomes accessible to the search providers and there are no search errors.
Off-Site SEO
When you have a perfect (or almost perfect) on-site SEO optimized website it’s time to start doing off-site SEO. The main activity is to build quality, related backlinks to your new affiliate live cam website.
Ensure you have a good quality mix of earned and build backlinks to not trigger any Google update penalty. Here is a good list of backlink-building services that can help you.
We’ve written many on-site and offsite SEO articles and covered everything you need in detail. Here are several of them that will help you do proper SEO:

Social media
Building the traffic for affiliate webcam sites through social channels is not the same as mainstream sites. The social traffic strategies for mainstream websites would not work for affiliate webcam sites or any kind of adult website.
You cannot run paid Ads or promote adult sites on mainstream Social channels. The social media channels for an adult website are very few, but they are highly fertile if you know the way around them.
For example, look if your selected niche has:

Specific micro-groups or a Subreddit
Specific hashtags on Twitter or Instagram
Some sort of Adult forums where people talk about it

These channels can help in bringing social traffic to adult websites.
Online forums
Adult webmasters are at liberty to post videos and pictures to popular porn forums such as You should open several bunches of threads to get large volumes of traffic.
You can drive adult web traffic from your forum signature. First, register an account and add your website URL to your forum signature and profile. Now, slowly and steadily, make a few posts.
People like your posts will check out the links in your forum signature. You should know that some forums do not allow site URLs in the signature. Understand the rules and adhere to them.
Also, post articles that could interest potential clients. Anything informative that builds the conversation around your specialities will help develop your company’s brand authority.
We’ve written a detailed guide on how to get targeted traffic from online forums.

Buying adult traffic
Advertising on significant adult-related websites seems the most common way many webmasters increase visitor numbers; the key to buying adult traffic is getting repeat visitors.
Buying traffic for your website is fast and straightforward. For many adult webmasters, it’s the best way to get those repeat visitors and much-needed ad revenue.

Paid Ad campaigns
The central part is building your adult traffic through paid Ad campaigns. You need to learn how to optimize your Ad campaigns effectively to make more money investing as less as possible, especially in the beginning when your budget is tight.
You have to work on increasing the value of your earnings as you grow your traffic. Also, you need to learn how to monetize your paid traffic in the best way possible so that you start making a dollar or more via the same paid Ads that have been causing you Cents until now.
That’s how you polish your skills in paid advertising and increase your profit margin as you grow.
Adult Ads Networks
You can use many adult Ad networks for driving traffic. For example, Traffic Junky and Juicy Ads. These Ad networks allow you to run paid ad campaigns and pull the traffic to your website.
When you sign up on an Ad network and load money as per your budget, say $100, they will assign you an account manager. You can talk with your account manager and ask about the portfolio of the websites that perform well in your target region.

Monetizing your traffic
There are two major channels from where you can make money from your affiliate webcam site via different sources:
Traffic Redirecting
Many affiliate webcam programs give the affiliates a commission for redirecting traffic to their website. You can embed many models from different cam sites and earn some commission money for redirecting users to the parent website.
If any user purchases on the parent website, like a subscription or tokens, then the parent website gives a share of the revenue to the affiliate webcam site. As you know, cam sites work on tokens, so there is a good chance of users buying tokens to watch models live on webcam, and you stand to get a good share of the revenue from it.
Affiliate banner ads
Another great way to monetize your traffic is to set up affiliate partnerships with other websites like cam sites, sex toys websites, tube sites, health products, adult membership sites, etc., and sell them banner space on your website.
These long-term affiliate partnerships help you make good money by selling banner spaces. You can either get a commission for every click(pay per click), or you can have long-term partnerships by selling the banner space for six months or 1-year time period.
Many affiliate networks like CrakRevenue can help you find the right website to sell your affiliate banner space. You can sign up for such affiliate programs and make good money.
You can redirect your traffic through ads to adult eCommerce sites too. If a user follows your links and purchases anything, you will get affiliate commissions from your affiliate partner store.
There are tons of adult eCommerce websites with affiliate programs. You can signup and promote their products to make more and more passive money.
Look for sponsorship
Don’t mistake it with Advertisement. Sponsorship works in collaboration with the relevant brands. You can approach to get sponsorship from an adult brand and promote their products on your site. For example, you can ask the cam models to perform using the toys given by your sex-toy sponsor.
Webcam model referral
If your cam site gets famous and receives a lot of traffic from aspiring models and performers, then you can use this by referring these models to parent cam sites. All popular cam sites run model referral programs for affiliates which provide good money as commission.
Popular cam sites provide promotional material with an affiliate link. The affiliate gets a commission if any performer gets onboarded to the parent cam sites. The rates and terms of commissions vary for different cam networks.

Affiliate Live Cam FAQs

From which websites can I pull live cam models?
This depends on the affiliate cam script you are using. WPLiveCam supports 13 cam sites while XShows support four main affiliate sites integrated to pull cams from – BongaCash, xLoveCash, Chaturbate, and StripCash.

Do I have to pay any monthly fee to sign up as an affiliate and get models?
No, affiliate programs do not charge anything for signing up.

How do I get paid using affiliate cam sites?
You get paid directly from the affiliate programs you join and source cams from.

How much is the affiliate commission and how can I track commission?
Affiliate commissions are different for different partner programs. Please check the concerned affiliate program FAQ for current figures. You can keep track of your earnings from your account dashboards with the respective network.

How will my affiliate commission fee be paid ?
All affiliate programs have multiple payment modes. From direct bank transfers to digital wallets to cryptos. The payments are mostly periodic with a minimum payout that is different to each network. Please check the FAQ of the respective program to know more.

We hope this guide delivered all the necessary information you were looking for.
Starting an affiliate webcam site is not rocket science. You just have to know the correct ways around your idea. With the right idea, correct solutions, and proper guidance, anybody can own and run a successful affiliate webcam site business.

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