How to Set Up Your Smart House for the Holidays


A photo of Twinkly's Christmas lights

Image: Twinkly

Smart lights! Bet you would have never guessed that I had these on the list. Before you accuse me of going after low-hanging fruit, I must tell you that connected Christmas tree lights, in particular, are relatively new in the IoT world. It was only last year that Twinkly launched its Christmas lights ($140), which have 16 million color options and come with a library of animations. Phillips Hue, arguably the most popular smart lighting ecosystem, also recently announced its version of Festavia lights for $160.

I like smart lights because I think the convenience is worth the hassle of connecting yet more things to my wifi. I’ve had the same on/off routines for years, and my bedtime revolves around them. I keep the same schedule even with the living room covered in decor.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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