How to Search Steam for Specific Users


Steam is a massively popular platform with over 120 million registered users. Some of them might even be users you want to play with.

You can search for specific users on Steam in multiple ways.

How to Find Specific Steam Users on Your Friends List

If the user is somebody you already know and have played with, then they’re probably already on your friends list. To find a friend on Steam, do the following:

  • Open the Steam app and ensure you’re logged in.
  • Hover over your profile name, and then click Friends from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Read through the Friends you have, and once you’ve found the specific user, you can click their name to visit their profile.

The Friends List on Steams desktop app

You can also open the Friends & Chat window from the bottom right to find users you’ve had conversations with. And you can also access your Friends List via the Friends tab on the top menu.

It’s great having pals on Steam, but that doesn’t mean you want them knowing everything you’re doing. You can hide your Steam activity for when you just want to game in peace without people knowing you’re active.

The most common way to search for a Steam username that you haven’t previously interacted with would be to use the Community tab. To find a specific user on the Community tab, do the following:

  • Open the Steam app and ensure you’re logged in.
  • Navigate to the Community tab, and then the Find People field.
  • Type in the specific user you’re looking for, then click Search.
  • On a specific user from the list you’re looking for, either click Add as Friend or Report.

The Community search page on Steam's desktop app

Users can have the same name on Steam, which could make finding a specific user on the platform a little tricky. If you know the specific user’s profile picture, that can help you narrow them down, but you can also click on their name to visit their profile and try to use other distinct features such as the user’s location and bio to discern if it’s the user you’re looking for.

On the Community tab, you can find discussions about games and communities by other users, mods to download to your game, as well as searching for products or other users. It’s quite a busy section of the platform, and one that you may find overwhelming. A beginner’s guide to Steam’s Community Market can be a great starting point if you’re looking to understand it more!

How to Search for Steam Users Through the Recently Played With Tab

If you have played with a specific Steam user recently and want to find them, you can do so on the Recently Played With tab on the Friends page. To do this on the Steam desktop app:

  • Open the Steam app and ensure you’re logged in.
  • Hover over your profile name and click Friends.
  • From the side menu on the Friends page, click Recently Played With.

The Recently Played With tab on the Steam desktop app

You should now have found the users you have recently played with. Avoid playing online again until you’ve found the user, as there’s a chance of burying them out of the Recently Played With list by playing more multiplayer games.

Find a Specific User on Steam

There are multiple ways to search for a specific user on Steam. So long as you either know their username or friend code, or have played with them recently, or have befriended them on the platform—you’ll be able to find them.

Steam is not only one of the biggest digital game catalogs in the entire world, but a social platform where you can connect and game with your friends.

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