How to Present PowerPoint Slides in Microsoft Teams


A successful PowerPoint presentation extends beyond just the content—its delivery is just as important, especially in a virtual space like Microsoft Teams.

In Microsoft Teams, you can choose to present your slide deck by sharing your entire screen, PowerPoint window, or using the Microsoft Teams’ PowerPoint Live feature. Let’s explore how you can use each of these three methods and discuss their pros and cons.

Method 1: Share Screen

Sharing your screen in Microsoft Teams is pretty easy and straightforward. It’s best to minimize or close unnecessary tabs before joining the Microsoft Teams meeting to avoid exposing sensitive information. Once you’re confident in your screen’s content, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Share when it’s your turn to present.
    Click Share in Microsoft Teams

  2. Enable Include computer sound if your presentation involves audio or video, then select Screen.
    Share Screen in Microsoft Teams

  3. A red border appears around your desktop, indicating you’re sharing your screen.
  4. Open your PowerPoint presentation and launch in slideshow mode—go to the Slide Show tab and select From Beginning or From Current Slide.
    Launch PowerPoint slideshow while screen sharing in Microsoft Teams

  5. Minimize the small window in the bottom right corner (or reposition it as needed).
    Minimize Microsoft Teams Popup in Slideshow mode

  6. Present your PowerPoint slideshow.
  7. When you finish your presentation, open Microsoft Teams and click Stop sharing.
    Stop screen sharing PowerPoint presentation in Teams

Sharing your screen is a straightforward method, especially when you want to present other documents besides your PowerPoint slideshow. However, the downside is that you may accidentally reveal sensitive information.

Method 2: Share PowerPoint Window

If you want only to present your PowerPoint slide deck, it’s best to share just that window. Here’s how:

  1. Click Share and select Window when it’s your turn to present.
    Click Share and Window and Microsoft Teams

  2. Enable Include computer sound if you have a video or to share and select your presentation from the list.
    Select PowerPoint window in Teams

  3. A red border will appear around your PowerPoint window, indicating you’re sharing just that window.
  4. Launch your slides in slideshow mode and start presenting.
  5. Open the Microsoft Teams window and click Stop sharing when you’re done presenting.

Sharing just your PowerPoint window prevents accidental display of sensitive desktop content. Even if you switch windows, viewers only see the PowerPoint presentation.

However, this method also has its limitations. One of the main limits is that you can’t view your PowerPoint speaker notes without the audience seeing them as well. You also can’t access Microsoft Teams features like the chat and reactions during your presentation.

Additionally, If your network connection has low bandwidth or slow upload speed, sharing your screen can result in a blurry and stuttering presentation for the audience. Thankfully, the PowerPoint Live feature provides the solution to these issues.

Method 3: Use PowerPoint Live

Presenting with the PowerPoint Live feature is easy and provides additional benefits. Your audience only sees the slides, while you get to see all the extra controls that come with the presenter view. When using the presenter view in your presentation, you have a few helpful tools at your disposal:

  • You can easily adjust the font size of your slide notes to make them more readable.
  • To navigate between slides, simply click on the corresponding thumbnail.
  • You can use the laser pointer, pen, or highlighter tools to draw attention to specific areas of a slide.
  • Use the Standout layout to place your camera feed on the slide without the background.
  • Use the Cameo layout to insert yourself into the slide, provided you’ve set up Cameo to record customized camera feeds.

Here’s how you can use PowerPoint Live to share your presentation:

  1. When it’s your turn to present, click Share.
  2. Under PowerPoint Live, select the PowerPoint file you want to present. The file opens in the presenter view.
    Open PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams

  3. If the file is not listed under PowerPoint Live, select Browse OneDrive or Browse my computer to add the file.
    Presenter view controls in Microsoft Teams

  4. Select Layout to change the slide’s default view.
    Presentation layout options in Teams

  5. To exit the presenter view, click on the three dots icon below the slide and select Hide presenter view.
    Hide presenter view in Teams PowerPoint Live

  6. When you’re done presenting, click Stop sharing in the top toolbar.

The PowerPoint Live feature tackles the limitations of sharing your entire screen or PowerPoint window. It also comes with really cool features like co-presenting and allowing attendees to click on links in the presentation.

Your Audience’s View When Using PowerPoint Live

In addition to the main slide view, your audience also has access to the slide navigation, grid, and more options controls (the three dots icon below the slides).

PowerPoint Live Audience view

This means they can navigate the slides at their own pace and change specific slide settings to suit their preference without affecting your view and that of others. If you find this non-ideal for delivering an engaging presentation, you can disable the audience’s navigation control. To do so, enable Private view in the top toolbar.

By default, each meeting attendee joins as a presenter. This means they can share their own content or control someone else’s presentation. If that’s not what you want, you can change each person’s meeting roles in Microsoft Teams to prevent it.

Deliver a Seamless Presentation Experience in Microsoft Teams

Presenting your PowerPoint slides in Microsoft Teams might seem tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake. Practice makes perfect. So before your next Teams presentation, familiarize yourself with your chosen method to ensure an effective delivery.

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