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If you’re a thorough explorer in the early hours of Forspoken, you may have come across a locked gate behind a castle in Junoon. This gate has the same indicator you have seen in areas where you’re not allowed to progress until all the enemies in the area are defeated, but there are no foes to be found. This isn’t a mistake or glitch, but the way to get through this gate isn’t so clear. Here’s how to get into the Forbidden Meadow in Forspoken.

How to get into the Forbidden Meadow

Rather than looking for enemies to dispatch near the gate, as the indicator would lead you to believe, the way inside the Forbidden Meadow is actually in a slightly different area.

Step 1: Go southeast of the gate to the Altar of Assan.

Frey approaching a purple portal.

Step 2: You will find a group of enemies here. Defeat them all.

Step 3: Once clear, head up the stairs and find a portal.

Step 4: A short cutscene will play, after which you will appear inside the Forbidden Meadow.

Frey in a clearing full of loot.

Step 5: Loot all the chests and rare materials!

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