How to Download and Send New Stickers on WhatsApp


Every WhatsApp user who sends stickers often knows you can never have enough. Sending the same meme stickers over and over can get boring quickly, so it is helpful to refresh your collection every once in a while.

You could add new stickers one at a time as you discover them in individual chats but that usually clutters up the images and makes it harder to find the one you want. The best way to get cool, new stickers is to download entire sticker packs and add them to your collection.

How to Add New Stickers On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a built-in feature that allows you to choose from a list of official sticker packs and add them to your collection. You can survey this list for stickers you want to download.

To download a sticker pack on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Open a group or personal chat
  2. Navigate to the Sticker section by selecting the emoji on the left-hand side of the text bar and then click on the sticker icon.
  3. Tap the Plus/Add icon that appears on the right
  4. It should open to the All Stickers tab.
  5. Scroll to find a sticker pack you find interesting and press the download icon next to it. Stickers with a play icon next to them are animated. You can also open the pack to preview the stickers before downloading.

You can share your downloaded stickers with your WhatsApp contacts by navigating to the My Stickers tab, next to the All Stickers section. You can also delete and reorder your sticker packs in this tab. To share, click on a sticker pack, tap the Share icon at the top, and select the group or individual to send it to.

You can also generate your own AI stickers on WhatsApp.

Can You Use Third-Party Sticker Apps on WhatsApp?

If you are not a fan of the stickers available in the app, you can opt to use a sticker app such as Stickify or to discover new sticker packs and add them to WhatsApp.

It is a pretty straightforward process as long as you are using a sticker app that follows WhatsApp’s guidelines.

These apps don’t need any special permissions to add stickers to WhatsApp. So, be sure to stay away from any app that is requesting suspicious access to your files and media, unless it is for creating your own stickers.

It’s important to note that using third-party apps may carry security risks, so it’s best to stick to official ways of downloading sticker packs.

Downloading New Stickers Is Easy

To wrap it up, adding and sending stickers on WhatsApp is a great way to spice up your chats. With all the cool sticker packs out there, you can let your creativity shine and have some fun with your messages. So, go ahead, dive into the world of WhatsApp stickers, and make your chats more fun.

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