How to Design Your Dream Home, According to Your Favorite Netflix Show


Given how much time we’ve spent indoors over the last few years, finding a good show to enjoy has become more important than ever. But the series we love don’t just give us compelling plots and lovable characters — they can also provide us with home decor inspiration, as TV shows’ sets and decor are often integral to bringing their fictional stories to life.

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Decor Checklist: Artwork, floral soft furnishings, houseplants, wicker furniture, wooden flooring

“Sex Education’s” aesthetic has a little bit of everything. Eighties American high school style mesh with vintage mid-century decor, while bright spaceman colors and autumnal hues co-exist alongside sex therapist Jean’s beloved phallic art.

That’s why Express Doors Direct took inspiration from the Milburn family’s home, which has more of a set theme. Floral furniture, William Morris wallpaper, and wicker furniture blend to create a ‘70s-inspired look that’s still popular today.

Decor Checklist: Colorful fairy lights or garland, eighties aesthetics, brown furniture

While fighting Demogorgons and Vecna doesn’t sound too appealing, “Stranger Things’” retro ‘80s appeal is undeniable. The show’s decor mood board is primarily inspired by the Byers family’s Hawkins, Indiana home, which is filled with floral wallpaper, a cozy brown couch, and fairy lights inspired by Joyce’s iconic alphabet wall.

“The Queen’s Gambit”

Decor Checklist: Antique French vanity table, check wallpaper, four-poster bed, pink florals, vintage ottoman

“The Queen’s Gambit” told the unforgettable story of Beth Harmon, an orphaned chess prodigy who struggles with addiction as she fights to become the world’s best chess player during the Cold War.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s leading performance is undeniably the highlight here, but the show’s “grandmillennial” home decor can’t be ignored. Go with a four-poster bed and some unabashedly feminine chequered pink wallpaper to evoke Beth and her adoptive mother Alma’s bold home stylings.

Design Checklist: Mid-century furniture, neutral walls, peacock greens, spiked legs

At first glance, the cruel nurse from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’s” origin story doesn’t exactly sound like design catnip. However, Ryan Murphy’s series “Ratched” — which explores the earlier life of iconic villain Mildred Ratched — is full of vibrant blues and greens and mid-century stylings that are perfect for adding pops of character and color to your home.

Head over to Express Doors Direct’s website to see all eight Netflix design mood boards for yourself.

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