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The Biden administration has launched an aggressive online effort to convince social media forums like Facebook to fact-check and remove posts that the government or the Democratic Party believes constitute fake news, according to Politico.

The multipronged effort includes at least three separate teams of paid left-wing activists, who scour the internet looking for “misinformation” (which they classify as unintentional falsehoods) and “disinformation” (which they consider deliberate lies). They then insist that the offending posts be reviewed or taken down.

In other words, if you have encountered a “fact check” on a story that did not seem controversial, it may have been instigated by the Biden administration — and paid for with your tax dollars.

Politico revealed that the White House’s (taxpayer-funded) Office of Digital Strategy, the Democratic National Committee’s Counter Disinformation Program, and a private group called Building Back Together “have assumed different roles in monitoring and determining what content is consumed on social media.” Politico did not explain when it became the Biden administration’s place to “determin[e] what content” social media users may consume. But it delineated some of the ways these three organizations have squeezed online platforms — and detailed some of their misguided definitions of “misinformation.”

The White House employs at least two dozen people to “monitor and, if needed, combat disinformation, including encouraging different sites to fact-check false content,” reported Natasha Korecki for Politico. The Office of Digital Strategy is led by “12 Democratic operatives” handpicked by Biden, according to The Hill.- READ MORE

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