House defends power to fine Republicans who flouted mask rule – JP


And a trio of Republicans have appealed a district court order that threw out their challenge to a House rule adopted after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol that required members to pass through magnetometers as they entered the chamber.

Different argument

The D.C. Circuit argument Wednesday on Massie’s case about the mask requirement comes the day after a midterm election that might give Republicans control of the House in the next Congress that starts in January, and along with it the ability to set rules.

In January 2021, the Democratic-led House adopted the resolution to fine a member $500 for the first failure to wear a mask on the floor and $2,500 for each subsequent failure, and allowed the House to deduct that from the net salary of the member.

Massie, Greene and Norman deliberately entered the House on May 18 and 19 of that year without wearing a mask, the House contends. The policy was lifted in February 2022.

Christopher Wiest, arguing for the Republicans, tried to distinguish the case from others where the courts have held that House rules cannot be challenged in court. He said the fines deducted from the pay of the three members violate the 27th Amendment, which prohibits alterations to congressional pay.

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