HORRIFIC: Idaho Jury Convicts Woman in Murders of 2 Children, Romantic Rival


In a shocking turn of events, Lori Vallow Daybell, the Idaho mother embroiled in a chilling case that involved the murders of her two youngest children and a romantic rival, has been convicted after a three-year investigation into her macabre actions.

This verdict brings some temporary solace to the grieving family members, but the saga is far from over, as Daybell’s fifth husband, Chad Daybell, awaits trial on the same murder charges, and she herself faces another murder trial in Arizona.

Prosecutors painted Vallow Daybell as a power-hungry manipulator who callously orchestrated the deaths of her innocent children for financial gain. The defense, on the other hand, tried to portray her as a loving and protective mother who fell under the sway of a wannabe cult leader.

However, the jurors sided with the prosecution, convicting Vallow Daybell of conspiring to commit the murders of Joshua “JJ” Vallow, Tylee Ryan, and Tammy Daybell. She was also found guilty of grand theft and first-degree murder, indicating her direct involvement in the heinous crimes.

The emotional aftermath of the verdict was palpable as JJ’s grandparents, Larry and Kay Woodcock, addressed the media. They were greeted by a crowd of supporters who cheered and even sang JJ’s favorite song, “We Will Rock You.” Larry Woodcock, choking back tears, expressed his love for JJ and Tylee, as well as his regret for never having met Tammy. He delivered a poignant message to Vallow Daybell, quoting the lyrics of a Willie Nelson song that underscored the finality of the moment.

The Tammy Douglas Daybell Foundation, established by Tammy’s family after her tragic demise, released a statement expressing a sense of closure while vowing to honor her memory through fundraising efforts for libraries and literacy programs. Meanwhile, prosecutors refrained from commenting on the verdict due to pending charges against Chad Daybell, but they thanked the jurors for their service and reaffirmed their commitment to seeking justice for the victims.

During the trial, prosecutors argued that Vallow Daybell’s insatiable desire for money, power, and sex motivated her to manipulate her brother and lover into carrying out the murders. Defense attorney Jim Archibald, however, asserted that there was no evidence directly linking his client to the crimes, instead highlighting her transformation following her involvement with Chad Daybell and his peculiar apocalyptic beliefs. Archibald suggested that Daybell and Vallow Daybell’s brother, Alex Cox, were responsible for the tragic deaths.

The trial featured both heart-wrenching and bizarre testimony. Colby Ryan, Vallow Daybell’s surviving child, accused her of murdering his siblings in a recorded jailhouse phone call, while former friend Melanie Gibb shared Vallow Daybell’s outlandish belief that people in their lives had become “zombies.”

The case took a gruesome turn when law enforcement officers described the discovery of JJ and Tylee’s remains buried in Chad Daybell’s yard, with the victims subjected to unimaginable acts of violence.

Tammy Daybell’s death initially appeared to be from natural causes, but suspicion arose when Chad Daybell swiftly married Vallow Daybell shortly thereafter. Subsequent investigations revealed that Tammy had been asphyxiated. The complex web of events began in 2019 when Vallow Daybell’s estranged husband, Charles Vallow, was shot and killed by her brother, Alex Cox, leading to a chain of tragic events that culminated in the children’s disappearance and gruesome fate.

While the conviction of Lori Vallow Daybell provides a sense of justice, the horrifying details that emerged during the trial remind us of the darkness that can reside within human beings. The road ahead is long and arduous for the family.

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