HOGGing the spotlight: David Hogg whines about getting kicked out of North Carolina Legislature


It must be a day that ends in Y, because everyone’s favorite Harvard grad is once again acting like the world owes him its attention and time.

That would be terrible if that’s, in fact, what happened. Alas, THEIR OWN VIDEO tells a different story.  

As one can see, the activists were kicked out for being disrespectful and disruptive. Victor Shi, young simp for Biden had opinions.

Somehow, taking over legislative space is only bad when the OTHER side does it. This author wonders what’s (D)ifferent.


Twitter had no end of fun with their responses to the youth HOGGing the spotlight (Yes, this author knows he used that line in the headline, but he enjoyed it so much that it bears repeating):

So, we have one question for all the entitled children currently throwing a tantrum in North Carolina. What gun law would have prevented a graduate student from shooting his teacher on campus that doesn’t already exist on the books? It’s almost like the criminals don’t follow the law in the first place. A good follow-up question would be, ‘How does disarming law-abiding citizens stop criminals from doing crimes?’

Don’t get us wrong, this author, at least, is glad to see the youth getting involved in politics.  He just wishes that they would inform themselves FIRST. Of course, if they’re keen to make fools of themselves, we’re keen to point and laugh.  

Hopefully they learned that the heckler’s veto (a notorious fascist tactic) is not going to work when there are armed people responsible for enforcing the decorum of a legislative body. They’ve been planning this for a while, maybe next time, with the same advance notice, they can arrange to meet their legislators and express their opinion one-on-one.

Although, this author is uncertain whether they bothered to look at the situation before they flew off the handle.

You’re spot on, Alex, spot on.

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