Hispanic and Black Voters Most Likely to Believe Biden Has a Conflict of Interest Regarding China’s Aggression


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Hispanic and Black voters are the most likely to believe that President Joe Biden has a conflict of interest when dealing with China’s aggression towards the U.S., results of a new survey reveal.

In a national survey of 1,082 likely general election voters, conducted February 22-26 by the Trafalgar Group on behalf of Convention of States, a strong majority said they believe Pres. Biden has a conflict of interest regarding China.

Fully 57.2% of all likely voters agreed that “Due to the Biden family’s business relationships with China…President Biden has a conflict of interest when responding to China’s aggressive actions against the U.S.?” This includes a third (33.3%) Democrat voters, four of five (80.9%) of Republicans and more than half (53.5%) of those not affiliated with either party.

By ethnicity, 69.5% of Hispanic voters, 60.6% of Black voters, and 55.6% of White voters believe Biden has a conflict of interest concerning China’s aggression toward their country.

Less than half (46.5%) of Asians see a conflict, but 58.8% of all other ethnicities do.

A third (33.5%) of all voters said there’s no conflict of interest, while another 9.3% weren’t sure.

Voters were also asked, in the following question, how they want the Biden Administration to deal with China:

“Going forward, how should the Biden Administration address tensions between the U.S. and China?”

Again, a strong majority of voters said they want the Biden Administration to be tougher on China:

  • Should be more aggressive in leading a global coalition to contain China: 57.6%
  • Should do exactly what they’re doing now: 17.1%
  • Should seek to de-escalate tensions with China in order to appease them: 8.8%
  • Don’t know: 16.5%


Once more, Democrat voters were the most likely to be soft on China. Here, 76.6% of Republicans and 54.0% Independents said they want Biden to be more aggressive in dealing with China, but only 39.6% of Democrats agreed.

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