Here’s What Needs to Happen Next in Georgia


Now that we’re as certain as we can be that Herschel Walker is in a runoff with Sen. Raphael Warnock for Georgia’s Senate seat, we’re in for a short, nasty month of more ads and more campaigning in the Peach State. It looks like a repeat of the 2020 Senate runoff, and one of the contestants is even the same.

We wound up with Warnock in the first place because of one factor: depressed GOP voter turnout. It’s a fact that Republican voters refused to turn up for the runoff in January 2021. Donald Trump, still sore from his electoral loss, discouraged his followers from going to the polls, and Democrat groups fed that beast with billboards that said something to the effect of, “You know your vote isn’t going to count, so why bother?”

We can’t afford for that to happen again. Georgia doesn’t need six more years of Raphael Warnock in the Senate, and the balance of power depends on Republicans winning this race.

So here’s what needs to happen: Republicans and conservatives need to get out and vote. It’s that simple. The majorities that Gov. Brian Kemp and other statewide winners received prove that Walker can get above 50% —  especially without a pesky Libertarian candidate in the race.

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Herschel Walker also needs the support of Georgia Republicans who won on Tuesday. Statewide officeholders, House winners, and General Assembly members all need to coalesce behind Walker and encourage their constituents to get out and vote. Sure, it’ll be nice to see GOP support from outside the state, but in-state support is going to be what makes an impact.

And rank-and-file Georgia conservatives need to be loud and proud in their support for Walker. Don’t give up! Let the world know that you support Walker (and for crying out loud, can somebody get me a yard sign?), and encourage friends and family to support him proudly as well.

If you’re a Georgia voter, be sure to vote for Walker, and encourage your friends to do so too. If you live outside of Georgia but have family and friends in the Peach State, nudge them to vote for Walker.

It’s not over. We can still win this thing, but it comes down to Walker voters showing up and making their voices heard. Don’t let Raphael Warnock go back to the Senate for six more years.

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