Hanoi Jane: Jane Fonda Calls for ‘White Men’ to be Jailed for Causing ‘Climate Crisis’


During the Cannes Film Festival, renowned actress and activist Jane Fonda made controversial remarks, calling for the arrest and imprisonment of men, specifically targeting white men, for their alleged contribution to the “climate crisis.”

Fonda, known for her far-left activism, stated, “It is a tragedy that we have to absolutely stop. We have to arrest and jail those men — they’re all men [behind this]. There would be no climate crisis if there was no racism.” She further expressed her belief that white men are prioritized over other groups, with everything else being marginalized.

Fonda’s comments sparked a strong reaction on social media, making her name a trending topic on Memorial Day. This caused dismay among veterans who remembered her controversial actions during the Vietnam War. In 1972, Fonda infamously posed for photographs on an NVA anti-aircraft gun, a weapon used to shoot down American warplanes.

While in Vietnam, she broadcasted messages through the communist regime’s propaganda station, “radio Hanoi.” Fonda denounced American prisoners of war (POWs), accusing them of war crimes and advocating for their execution. She also encouraged the North Vietnamese to resist “American imperialism.”

The Twitterverse quickly reminded people of Fonda’s divisive past, labeling her as “Hanoi Jane” due to her actions during the Vietnam War.

Many users expressed their discontent and referred to her as a traitor and called for her to face legal consequences for her actions. The controversy surrounding Fonda’s recent comments further revived memories of her infamous trip to Vietnam, eliciting strong reactions from veterans and others on social media.

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