Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour Reflect on Wedding ‘Drama’


Bachelor Nation couples know how to throw a memorable wedding, but Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour’s nuptials were purely magical. The newlyweds got married in August at Château de Villette in France and although their big day “went smooth,” Hannah and Dylan exclusively tell Life & Style there was a ​humorous moment of “drama.”

“We had a funny music DJ thing happen where we made a playlist that was specific to dinner. It was very formal and nice,” Dylan, 29, tells Life & Style and Hannah, 28, notes that they chose classical songs, like Frank Sinatra hits. “I sit down and we’re eating and [the DJ] starts playing Lil Jon and Flo Rida.”

The couple explains that there was a language barrier since they were in Paris and the DJ did not speak English. However, the mix-up was “fixed quickly.”

“In the moment, it seemed like such a big issue,” Dylan admits. “But 20 minutes later, we’re like, ‘Wait, that was actually such a funny story.’”

That being said, the wedding guests didn’t pay too much attention to the music because they were too busy going crazy over the food.


“The food didn’t go unnoticed,” Hannah gushes, “Which we were happy with. We spent lots of meetings back and forth about the appetizers, the main dishes, all that kind of stuff. And a lot of people really enjoyed the food, which made us super happy.”

The former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars kept the party going by having a “buddymoon” with their friends in Europe instead of starting off with a traditional honeymoon. Hannah explains that the wedding was “really busy,” so it was nice to recap the big night with their friends the following days.

“It was a really fun. If somebody can do it, I totally recommend a buddymoon, especially for friends who are already out there. I mean most likely won’t really happen again,” she says.

“Odds are we’re never all going to be out here at the same time in the same place of our lives,” Dylan notes. “And I grew up with the same 12 guys since I was 12 years old. So, it’s, it’s always fun. We always feel like we’re 15 when we get back together. It was a very good time.”

Hannah and Dylan, who got engaged during Bachelor in Paradise season 6, ​think a menu can make or break an event. So, they partnered with Baskin-Robbins for their Turkey Day Fixin’s Flavor of the Month and used the limited ice cream flavor for their recent Friendsgiving celebration. Instead of cooking a turkey, they made a turkey-shaped cake filled with the Turkey Day Fixin’s ​ice cream.

“It’s got sweet potato, autumn spice, ice creams mixed with honey cornbread pieces and swirls of the ocean spray cranberry sauce,” Hannah says. “It all works together so well. It’s delicious.”

Reporting by Jessica Stopper

Las Vegas News Magazine

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