Hamas Supporters in the UK Planning to Take Over Remembrance Day


As Twitchy reported earlier, the White House on Wednesday announced the development of the “first-ever U.S. National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia in the United States.” Vice President Kamala Harris also announced it on X with a video:

Jewish students at universities are barricading themselves in libraries while angry mobs of pro-Hamas demonstrators bang on the doors and call for Israel’s destruction, but we’re worried that mobs celebrating the slaughter of 1,400 Israelis might trigger “Islamophobia.”

There was already a massive pro-Hamas protest in London, and we mean massive. It looks like they’re going to do it again on Remembrance Day, the U.K.’s version of Memorial Day. 

No one will stop them. Forget Britain’s war dead … think about the thousands of children that Israel has killed in the past three weeks.


The Metropolitan Police are busy tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis so as not to “escalate tensions.”

Afraid so.

Some people are tagging the Metropolitan Police and accusing Murray of inciting violence, and the sad thing is, the cops will probably show up at his home and arrest him.


Las Vegas News Magazine

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