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KYIV – This is a time when little naughty kids can scare the adults and get some candy and gifts!

What happened to the kids of Mr. Blinken? Was this action a deliberate activity that was planned, or is that a mere coincidence like everything that “they” show us on the TV and in geopolitics?

The son of Mr. Blinken is dressed like Zelensky. The daughter of Mr. Blinken is dressed like a “Ukraine-for-freedom scout girl”. 1 is a coincidence, what is the 2d?

We follow the marks left by the Department of State here and there. “They” don’t even try hard to hide the markers. Visible in plain sight. You decide for yourself.

This Halloween “Ukraine’s Trick or Treat” comes three weeks after the decision to freeze the financial support of Ukraine, something, that Ukraine’s government headed by Mr. Zelensky didn’t expect despite multiple warnings from US government agencies including the Department of State, Mr. Blinken himself (he flew to Kyiv to deliver a message to Zelensky “though shall not steal”), FBI, Pentagon and others. 

Mr. Yermak and Mr. Zelensky can’t stop “trick or treat”. Direct and non-direct diplomatic messaging doesn’t work with them. Didn’t work, doesn’t work, will not work. They are worse than naughty kids. They are naughty adults. A diagnosis on Zelensky and Ukraine set by the Department of State is clear: “It’s time for a trick, not more treats!”

We understand this video and messaging as a clownaid imposed by the Department of State on the former professional clown turned unprofessional President Zelensky who made himself a clown of a geopolitical mess in between US parties, among Asian terrorists, shell money laundering, begging for money, laundering US and EU humanitarian support, and making his friends rich. 

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