Gwen Shamblin’s Controversial Story Gets the Lifetime Treatment in New Trailer Starring Jennifer Grey – JP


Jennifer Grey has undergone a hair-raising transformation. 

The Dirty Dancing star plays self-proclaimed spiritual diet guru Gwen Shamblin in the trailer for Lifetime’s Gwen Shamblin: Starving For Salvation.

Known just as much for her striking hairstyle as her controversial religious teachings—”The higher the hair, the closer to God,” she says in the trailer—the movie tells the real-life story of Gwen, the founder of the Tennessee-based Remnant Fellowship Church and the Weigh Down Workshop.

“The demon isn’t food,” Jennifer’s Gwen says in the trailer. “It’s sin.”

The Weigh Down Workshop was a Christian-based diet program that alleged prayer and a healthy relationship with a higher power had a direct correlation to weight loss.

“Your stomach doesn’t need food,” Gwen says. “It needs God.”

And, as the trailer shows, Gwen’s concept earned her legions of devoted followers. As one says to Gwen, “We’ll follow you wherever you lead us.” Gwen’s concept earned her legions of devoted followers. As one says to Gwen, “We’ll follow you wherever you lead us.”

“As her church grew across the nation, so did her iron-fisted grip as its leader,” the network says, “accumulating power and money, while creating a larger-than-life public persona with dramatically teased and towering hair.”

Las Vegas News Magazine

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