“Gun Free Zones” in NYC Working! Crooks Now Slashing Victims!


New York City recently started declaring “gun free zones”, particularly in Times Square. Other cities have also made similar moves, including Philadelphia. Some cities have even urged homeowners that don’t have guns to illuminate their front porches with certain color light bulbs, ostensibly to deter criminals looking for guns. This all sounds really stupid, doesn’t it? One common thread all criminals have is they DON’T follow the law. That’s why they are criminals! So, why not let the crooks know that everyone is unarmed? Brilliant! Well, it appears that the signs in Time Square might be working! That is if you consider slashings and assaults with bottles “working”.

A Maryland tourist was smashed in the head with a bottle, slashed across the face and robbed in Times Square over the weekend — the latest Big Apple attack on an unsuspecting out-of-towner.

The 30-year-old victim was outside the CVS at 1440 Broadway in Manhattan around 4:30 a.m. Saturday when he was approached by two men and a woman.

Now, in no way am I blaming the victim, but perhaps don’t be out at 4:30 AM. New York City might be called the city that never sleeps, but it is the city that will hit you with a bottle and rob you at 4:30 AM outside a CVS.

The trio tried to get the victim to buy drugs, then the woman propositioned him for sex, sources said.

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When the tourist refused both offers, one of the suspects hit him in the head with a bottle and slashed him across the face with a sharp object before running off with $140, the sources said.

You can’t blame the victim for politely declining both offers. Buying drugs is illegal and being from out of town how would he have even known where to buy drugs? And the proposition for sex was probably a trap. Any time that has happened to me it has been. Kidding! Times Square sounds like a super fun place to hang out without a gun!

However, New York City NEVER does anything small!

Earlier last month, a 30-year-old tourist from Belgium also was slashed in the face in an unprovoked attack at a Chelsea subway station in Manhattan, police said.

And Sept. 1 a 21-year-old Big Apple visitor from St. Louis was attacked and raped at a Times Square subway station around 3 a.m., police said.

It sounds to me like New York City should be a mandatory gun zone. Who wants to walk around a city where at any given moment you could be slashed, beaten, raped, mugged, or run into one of the women from The View? Terrifying.

It’s a sad state of affairs that people can’t visit any of these large, tourist cities without fear of personal injury. Tourists come from all over the world to experience the Big Apple, and all they get is the worm. Eric Adams is a former police officer, yet he is so weak on crime it’s shocking. Amazing that flashing signs declaring gun free zones haven’t worked. maybe Adams can write a strongly worded letter to would be crooks. Maybe that will help. Until then I’ll take my tourist dollars somewhere I won’t get slashed for them.

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