Guess Where Some Hamas Big-Wigs Were Found Living


Hamas heavyweight Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, 62, was discovered living in London in a home bankrolled by UK citizens. Here’s the kicker: he lives in a Jewish neighborhood. Apparently, living amongst Jews isn’t so bad if a huge chunk of your home is paid for with someone else’s cheddar.

Sawalha and his wife scored a tasty $136,500 taxpayer-funded kiss when they bought a two-story home in London for $390,000. The house is paid off.

Sawalha, who is wanted in Israel for being a member of Hamas, skedaddled to London using a cousin’s passport in the 1990s and snagged his own British passport in the early 2000s.

A 2004 indictment from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) claims Sawalha engaged in clandestine meetings to discuss “revitalizing” terror attacks in Israel as well as creating a money-laundering scheme to supply funds for activities in Gaza as well as the West Bank.

But wait, there’s more. More terrorists!

Sawalha has a Hamas homie named Zaher Birawi, who lives nearby.

Israel named Birawi as a  “senior Hamas operative in Europe.” He is also a trustee of a British charity called “Education Aid for Palestinians.”

FACT-O-RAMA! England declared Hamas a terror group and banned it in 2021. Anyone convicted of being a member and/or supporting Hamas can be jailed for up to 14 years.

Christian Wakeford, a member of Britain’s Parliament, wants to know what—if anything—will be done about the terror-loving backstairs boys living in Jolly Old.

“It highlights a clear national security threat if we’ve got operatives from a proscribed terrorist organization living and promoting Hamas in London,” Wakefield declared to Parliament.

FACT-O-RAMA! Roughly 100,000 protesters turned out in support of Hamas last week in London, calling for a ceasefire. Many chanted anti Israel slogans.

Since Hamas’ savage attack on Israel that killed 1,400 and left an unknown number of women raped, anti-Muslim attacks in the UK have increased by 140%. Anti-Semitic attacks have increased by 1,253% in the same time period.

Is England likely to prosecute the two members of Hamas living amongst them? No. I’d be shocked to see them face so much as a fine, let alone get locked up. Why, you ask?

English women and girls – some as young as 11 – endured decades of rape by Muslim men. PJ Media’s own Rober Spencer—the master-blaster at Jihad Watch—states that as many as half a million women and girls were raped by Muslim “grooming gangs.” Police turned a blind eye as they thought arresting the rapists would make the cops look “racist.”

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