Guess What’s Missing From NOAA’s Temperature Anomaly Record – Evidence of a Climate Emergency – JP


The media has a problem. It continues to publish headlines prognosticating our climate doom, but if you look at NOAA’s Average US Temperature Anamoly Record (we’ll call it “the science™”), you won’t find one.

NOAA isn’t precisely an unbiased player either, so given the fearmongering, you’d expect to see something dramatic, but there is zero evidence of any long-term trend in temperature unless, by trend, you mean the same old same old.



If we drill down into the past dozen years (Dec 2011-Auf 2023), during which the media hyperbole has been more dramatic, things look even less so.



And if we peek at just the past few years (the 2020s), again – where’s the emergency? There is none. And you won’t find it in the global record either. Other than the odd month spiking in one direction or the other, the running average is… well, average. Boring. Not cataclysmic at all. There isn’t even any evidence of ramping up that could be mistaken for cataclysmic.

Fraud is the word that fits them to a ‘T.’ But they aren’t the only ones. The global data, or at least the reporting on the relevance of current temperatures to historical temps – essential when using terms like ‘hottest ever’ – is incomplete and often manipulated by stakeholders who make their living from the scam. Tony Heller at RCS has several videos on this particular act of deception, this being the most recent, in which he shows how the NYT created a webpage to show you how your hometown has gotten hotter since you were a kid and then had to change it when the data showed the opposite to save their warming narrative.





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