Greg Gutfeld Takes Blowtorch To Liberal Media During Legendary Monologue


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld went nuclear over the left-wing media’s recent attempts to claim that videos of President Biden’s frequent displays of confusion were deceptively edited.

This past weekend, President Biden appeared to freeze up and stare into the crowd while attending an LA fundraiser co-headlined by former President Barack Obama. As Biden gazed into the crowd, Obama could be seen grabbing the president’s wrist and escorting him off the stage.

The incident came just days after Biden appeared lost as he met with world leaders at the G7 summit in Italy. Biden could be seen staring off into space before Italian Prime Minister Meloni was forced to lead him back to the group.

In response to public concern over Biden’s latest displays of confusion, CBS News falsely claimed that the clips were deceptively edited, referring to them as “cheap fakes.”

“Where were these anti-hoaxers when there was the ‘fine people hoax,’ the ‘drinking bleach hoax,’ the ‘koi pond hoax,’ the ‘migrant kids in cages hoax,’ the ‘border patrol whipping migrants hoax,’ the ‘lab leak is a conspiracy theory hoax,’ the ‘Russian collusion hoax,’ the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill hoax’ … did I leave any — the ‘Pee Tape hoax,” Gutfeld said in a fiery rant. “Where were they?”

“There is a difference,” he continued. “When we see something, we vet it. The media does not because they’re the engine behind their hoaxes as long as they go in one direction.”

“The Dems and the media are lucky we don’t match their dishonesty. We could. We don’t,” Gutfeld concluded, arguing that conservatives didn’t have to be dishonest to make Biden look old and frail. “We don’t have to, because basically we don’t have to make up crap. Apparently, though, they hold us to a higher standard than they hold themselves.”

Gutfeld went on to explain that liberal arguments are derived from a sense of moral superiority.

“They can call you Hitler, they can interfere with elections, they can wage unprecedented lawfare, they can say you’re banning books, they can say you’re xenophobic, they can say you don’t have any compassion for the homeless, they can say anything. They can lie, because they have the ‘moral high ground,’” he said.

“The most dangerous person is one who excuses their bad actions in the name of the good, especially when the good never materializes,” Gutfeld followed up.

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