Grandma Charged With ‘Parading’ at Capitol Riot Told by Attorney to Denounce White Privilege Before Judge Sentenced Her – JP


An Indiana grandmother up on trespassing charges in the Capitol riot case was told by her court-appointed public defender to denounce her “white privilege.” The defense attorney gave her a reading list to reprogram her political views in order to cut a deal for no prison time for trespassing on January 6. She’s the first of the trespassers to be sentenced.

This sickening reaction to a woman, Anna Morgan-Lloyd, who walked through the open door of the Capitol Building and did nothing wrong for a five- to ten-minute period of time — except be there — is about as Kafkaesque as it gets in U.S. jurisprudence. It is a scene repeated over and over in the cases against people near, outside, or inside the Capitol Building on January 6.

It signals yet again the bizarre and wrongheaded belief that the people who were in D.C. to watch President Trump’s speech on January 6 were somehow white supremacists — never mind that there were people of all ethnicities present.

It also shows how the full weight of the U.S. government against these 500 people, many of whom simply walked through an open door under the watchful eyes of Capitol Police, has ruined their lives and finances.

Julie Kelly writes in American Greatness that in court on Wednesday, 49-year-old grandmother Anna Morgan-Lloyd was encouraged — or ordered — by her attorney to denounce her whiteness and prostrate herself before a federal judge for her lawless act … of “parading”… through the open Capitol door. – READ MORE

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