Gov. Huckabee: Republicans Will ‘Become Extinct,’ if We Go Back ‘to the Days of Globalists’ – ‘And We Should Be’


Mike Huckabee


“God help us” if Republicans go “back to the days when Republicans were just the people with real shined shoes and nice suits,” former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R) said Wednesday.

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s “Mornings with Maria,” Huckabee was asked to react to a fracture in his party and Thursday’s New York Post cover titled, “Trumpty Dumpty: Can All the GOP’s Men Put the Party Back Together Again?”

Instead of directly addressing the polarizing influence of former President Donald Trump, Huckabee responded by warning that the Republican Party can’t afford to becoming the party of the country’s elites:

“Let’s hope it doesn’t go back to the days of globalists. The days of just basically being servants to the big, multinational corporations, that we become the party of the country clubs and the swells. Because, if we do that, we are destined to become extinct – and we should be.”

“God help us,” Huckabee warned, “if we go back to the days when Republicans were just the people with the real shined shoes and nice suits and like to sorta pass around the power among themselves – but the people sitting at the kitchen table having come home from a hard day’s work and sweated through their clothes, they never felt like Republicans cared.”

Instead, Republicans need to focus on the needs of the working class and average Americans, Huckabee said:

“We’ve gotta be the party of the working class – the party that cares about America. The party that believes that patriotism is okay. That it’s fine to want to make sure that Americans and the American Dream is alive and well. If we focus on that, I still think that’s a winning message.”


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