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Milk. You can get it from lactating mammals, but PETA would like you to believe that the cow-assaulting farmers aligned with the American Dairy-Industrial Complex are perpetuating a White supremacist milk culture. People who drink cows’ Milk are … systemic racists.

Are they, really? Or are the Almond ‘Milk’ people paying PETA to make up crap like this? I wouldn’t put it past them. The (cows’) Milk is racist narrative has been brewing for years, during which (coincidentally?) Almond Milk – which is actually creamy nut juice – has increased its market share among people who want Milk without the Milk (or the racism?) in the way Democrats want America without freedom.

They want it more than they can say.

I don’t drink much of either, and there is room for discussion about the Dairy Industrial Complex or the Almond Industrial Complex using this or that to secure its cartel, but we’re not here to discuss that, are we? The question is whether Milk is racist or, to be more specific – per the lactating mammals at PETA, cows’ Milk.


If it ever concerned you, it shouldn’t, the answer is no. It is not a symbol of anything white or supremacist, and a few seconds of research proves that point. Brown people milked first!

Domesticated “Cows” (Aurochs) and their Milk have been a part of human diets and cultures dating back to 8000 BC. That means, among people of all races, though not likely consumed as a liquid until about 6000 to 4000 BC when someone figured out how to process gut-wrenching dairy (raw Milk) into yogurt and cheese. That appears to have happened somewhere around 4000 BC.


According to scientists, the ability to digest milk was slowly gained some time between 5000-4000 B.C.E. by the spread of a genetic mutation called lactase persistance that allowed post-weaned humans to continue to digest milk. If that date is correct, it may pre-date the rise of other major dairying civilizations in the Near East, India, and North Africa.




People with the mutated gene would have had a better chance at survival and producing children with the same ability.  Soon, 80% of early dairying cultures in the Middle East and Europe carried this gene.  Dairying became a cultural and dietary mainstay.


In other words, Milk from the ancestors of our (for lack of a better term) European dairy cow was consumed in many forms by Sumerians (Archaeological evidence shows that the Ancient Sumerians drank cow’s Milk and also made cow’s Milk into cheeses and butters.), Egyptians (the cow was a goddess in her own right, named Hathor, who guarded the fertility of the land.“),  The Vedics (who ruled Northern India from about 1750 BCE to about 500 BCE, relied heavily upon the cow and the dairy products that it provided), and others, none of whom were “white” like Milk.

If people of color have been drinking and using cows’ Milk for longer than the “white man,” this, at best, suggests cultural appropriation, if anything. And if we’re talking about the Americas, you can start by blaming the Spanish.


“The first cattle to arrive in the New World landed in Vera Cruz, Mexico, in 1525. Soon afterword, some made their way across the Rio Grande to proliferate in the wild. They became known as ‘Texas Cattle.’ Soon after, some of the [Spanish] settlers transported cattle to South America from the Canary Islands and Europe. More followed, and cattle multiplied rapidly throughout New Spain, numbering in the thousands within a few years.”


I’m still unclear why descendants of European Colonialists from Spain get an exception. The Spaniards erased the local Mesoamerican and South American culture, murdered the indigenous population, and replaced their language, and their descendants are victims of paler Europeans.

So, Cows’ Milk is racist and white supremacist even though brown people broke the seal on that whole business long before northern Europeans brought cows to North America, and the term white fragility was invented by people who probably drink nut juice.

Feel free to celebrate that reality by drinking… a beer that was thought to have been first crafted in Mesopotamia about 4 – 5,000 years ago.


Las Vegas News Magazine

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