Google Play will make it easier to delete an app account


Edgar Cervantes / Android AuthorityTL;DR

The Google Play Store will now offer an easier way for users to delete app accounts.
Users can request account and data deletion via a direct link to a developer’s website.

Some apps and games require the creation of an account, but getting rid of this account can be an issue. Thankfully, Google is making things a little easier.“You can now request data and account deletion from the App Details page by clicking a direct link to the Developer site,” reads an excerpt of the changelog.This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this change. Google informed developers last year that apps supporting the creation of an account must let users delete this account and associated data via said app and the web. The company posted an example of this process at the time, as seen below.Hadlee Simons / Android AuthorityEither way, this is a long-overdue addition but still a notable improvement for privacy. But we hope more app developers offer an in-app solution too if they haven’t done so already.

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