Godzilla Minus One Finally Roars Its Way Onto 4K and Blu-ray


Fans of Godzilla Minus One, it took longer than usual but we have fantastic news. The Oscar-winning monster movie is finally available to pre-order as a region-free physical disc that includes English subtitles, a feature missing from an earlier version.

The disc is available on Godzilla.com and comes with a 4K, a Blu-ray, special features, and so much more. You can read the full description at the site but for now, let’s just marvel at a few of the images.

There’s no specific release date yet but it’s expected to ship in September. Basically, this is the exact same release that was available in Japan earlier this year, but now includes English subtitles and menus.

After Godzilla Minus One broke all sorts of box office records in the U.S., and won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, a few months passed where it was impossible to see the film anywhere, legally. Eventually, Netflix fixed that and put it on its service but collectors out there have been clamoring for an edition to hold in their hands. Now they have it. Again, here’s the preorder link.

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