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How about the freedom of making money and spending it on things that are not answerable to anybody? One of the best feelings imaginable. Isn’t it?

It is a great idea to earn money online and make the most of your free time. You can set your working hours at your convenience, be it morning, late night, on weekends, or any day of your choice.

Don’t be startled if you are drawn into watching random videos during online browsing. It happens to a lot of us. But why not create a lucrative opportunity out of that scenario and watch videos to earn money online?

There are tons of ways to earn passive income by watching videos.

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Watch Videos to Earn Money on These Incredible Platforms

Start utilizing your free time by viewing videos that can help you earn decent money rather than beating yourself up for being ineffective! Here is a collection of some of the top websites where you can watch videos to earn money.

1. Swagbucks

One of the most popular rewards sites, Swagbucks (dotcom), has distributed over $700 million in incentives as of 2022.

You can watch videos to earn money on the website to score points (which are called SBs). Although most rewards begin at $3, each SB is worth approximately one cent, and the best part is that the platform has a minimum payout of as small as $1.

Gift cards from well-known companies like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, as well as actual money transferred to your PayPal account, are available as payment alternatives. You can choose to watch a movie from different categories, including entertainment, travel, and more. The users can also earn money on the website by participating in surveys, shopping for earnings rewards, and much more. Our review of Swagbucks lists more than 20 unique ways to earn money from the website.

The $5 signup bonus is offered to its new members. You can also get an extra $10 Swag Up bonus by spending $25 or more from one of the merchants.

2. Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel

You may easily earn cash by watching your favorite TV shows online, thanks to Nielsen, the well-known business that supplies TV viewership ratings.

One of the finest apps for a passive income allows you to earn up to $50 annually simply by downloading it and staying in their panel.

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel has the benefit of not requiring you to alter your watching habits. Unlike other alternative platforms, you may select what to view, whether it’s YouTube, Netflix, or the news. Moreover, you will not be asked to watch adverts or other sponsored content. All you need to do is establish a username and password, enter basic information about yourself, and install the app to get started.

Participation in the program qualifies you for recurring sweepstakes in addition to the $50 annual award.

Remember that by joining the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, you give them consent to your browsing information anonymously. After all, they are paying you for it.

Your name, IP address, and other personally identifiable information are removed from the data to make it “anonymized.” In other words, the business can see which URLs you visited but won’t be aware of your activities. Additionally, Nielsen doesn’t keep track of passwords or user IDs.


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3. InboxDollars

For watching stuff like television shows, movie trailers, cookery advertisements, and more, InboxDollars offers you an opportunity to earn money.

You may also get extra money by participating in online surveys, checking email, using their money shopping portal, and reusing their printable coupons on rewards sites like Swagbucks (the same parent firm owns the two websites).

InboxDollars Review contains in-depth information regarding how the website functions. The website has a stellar reputation and has given its members over $60 million in cash rewards. Additionally, the iOS and Android apps for the site have received positive reviews from over 100,000 users. Be warned, though, that InboxDollars is the only place you can get paid for watching videos on a desktop browser, as it is not an app.

Signing up and registering your account will give you a $2 signup bonus. Unlike Swagbucks, the bonus can be obtained without using the InboxDollars cash-back purchasing gateway.

The first payout is $15. However, additional payouts can be withdrawn after your earnings reach $10.


Image Credit: inboxdollars

4. Fusioncash

FusionCash registration is quick and straightforward, and you’ll receive a $5 welcome bonus just for signing up. In addition to watching videos, several other websites listed in the article also provide the opportunity to earn money by completing surveys and other “get-paid-to” chores.

One of the less popular websites on this list, FusionCash, has received mediocre to average user evaluations. For instance, it only scored a 3.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot, and the BBB gave it an “F” rating.

One of the most frequent customer issues is that if you don’t cash out your winnings within 180 days of them being added to your account, they expire. So, a little risk is involved that you might not be able to earn sufficient profit to cash out within that window due to the site’s relatively high ($25) minimum withdrawal amount. However, once you meet the minimum threshold, you can receive payment via cheque, direct deposit, or PayPal.


Image Credit: FusionCash

5. Earnably

Another service that rewards you for minor tasks is Earnably, which also pays you for watching videos, playing online games, and taking paid surveys.

Since you have to click “Next” to watch the following videos, Earnably allows you to make passive money. Additionally, many users comment on how simple it is to earn money with this platform, making it a reliable option to earn money.

Most users discover they can make a decent income by referring to their friends. You will receive a 10% bonus on anything your referral makes.

To withdraw money for PayPal cash or gift cards, you must have a minimum of $5. Although the earnings from this app’s videos aren’t as big as those from the other items on this list, they are nonetheless respectable.



Image Credit: earnably

6. MyPoints

For watching movies, completing surveys, printing coupons, and playing games, MyPoints (dotcom –paid surveys) rewards you by letting you earn points that can be converted into real cash.

You can exchange these points for gift cards, PayPal cash, and travel rewards. Given the variety of options available to earn on the platform, most users can reach the minimum withdrawal amount, which is roughly $3, based on the option they select.

It’s important to note that MyPoints offers two different mobile applications: the regular MyPoints app and “Daily Scoop,” which is solely focused on video content.

Nevertheless, Daily Scoop is only available for Android smartphones, and some reviews have claimed that it doesn’t always offer a complete inventory of movies.

By spending a minimum of $10 through the MyPoints site in the first 30 days of your membership, your account will be credited with 1750 points that can be further redeemed for a gift card worth $10.



Image Credit: mypoints

7. Creation Rewards

You can make money by watching videos online on Creations Rewards.

Creation Rewards website is identical to Swagbucks, which lets you earn money by watching movies and participating in numerous activities such as participating in surveys, watching videos, completing side jobs, and via friends’ referrals.

If you want to earn a $5 signup bonus, you must earn at least 5000 points on this platform within the first 60 days of becoming a new member. Moreover, their referral program offers you 10% of your friends’ profits.

Comparing Creations Rewards to the other choices on this list, it offers great potential to earn money by watching videos.


Image Credit: creationsrewards dotnet

8. Netflix

Did you hear that you could get paid to watch Netflix videos? You’re in luck, as Netflix uses taggers to make sure that customers can find content that appeals to their likes.

However, you should be aware that being a Netflix tagger is not easy. Their only basic requirements include the candidate must have a deep experience in the television/film industry of more than 5 years and a knack for distinguishing the nuances with an array of content. Nevertheless, if you believe you are eligible, keep an eye out for openings on Netflix’s job board.

You can make around $69,000 a year with this work. However, these employment opportunities aren’t always available. For this position, Netflix only recruits 30 employees. Since the competition is fierce, you must exercise caution.


You’ve read this post all through, and now you know about a few of the websites and apps where you can make money while watching movies and advertisements. There are a ton of companies out there that use people like you to get their stats on advertisements and they’ll pay you in the meantime.

It is the ideal approach to utilize your free time and make the most of it.

It’s a great approach to generate income in addition to related endeavors like launching a YouTube channel. Additionally, gaining work experience relating to video can improve your portfolio.

You can earn an additional $100 to $1,000 a year by watching videos.

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